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Robert Wadlow

Robert Wadlow is the tallest man ever recorded in the Guinness book of records. Robert had a height f 8’ 11.1 and weighed 490 by the time he died. Robert Wadlow was born in February 22, 1918 and died in July 15, 1940. He has been famously called ‘Alton the Giant’ and the Giant of ‘Illinois’. Robert Wadlow was born and brought up in New York.

Robert Wadlow had a condition referred to as hyperplasia that led to his abnormal growth rate. The condition affected hi s pituitary gland and as a result there was a high level of the human growth hormone in his body. By the time he died at age 22, he was still growing taller.

Robert Wadlow was the first born in a family of five siblings. At school they had to make a special desk that he could fit in. He graduated from Alton high school in 1936 and when  to study law in Shurtleff College.

Due to his condition, he stared having difficulty walking to the point of requiring braces to be able to walk normally. He joined the Ringling Brothers Circus in1938 and this is how he first came to the limelight. He continuesbe a part of various tours and made numerous public appearance as people became more interested with his unusual physique.

Since he had extra huge feet, Robert Wadlow required special shoes. Now that he had become a famous celebrity a renowned shoe company offered to make his shoes for free. He also participated in promotions and marketing for the shoe company that made his shoes. Presently, his shoes remain on display in some museums where people can view them.

With this international shoe company, Robert Wadlow travelled to different states. Even the car he travelled in had to be modified so that he could fit in with his big physique. His father removed the front passenger seat and Robert sat in the back and stretched out his legs all the way to the front. He travelled along with his father in all of his trips.

Robert Wadlow had another life outside tours and public appearances. He enjoyed collecting stamps and photography. He was also a Boy Scout and earned the title of the tallest Boy Scout. He was also a member of DeMolay and the Masons.

In 1937 Robert Wadlow beat the record previously held by an Irishman in 1877. At this time he was 8 feet and 4 inches tall. This was the first time he was recognized and recorded as the tallest man to ever live in the history books.

Today, people who suffer from the same condition that Robert Wadlow had can be treated. Physicians and scientists conducted research and came up with medicine that cures patients suffering from it. It is therefore quite unlikely that we will ever have another Robert Wadlow.

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