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The Human anatomy

Human anatomy is the scientific study of the morphology of the human body. The study is divided into gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy. Gross anatomy is the study of the organs seen by the naked eye and microscopic as the name suggests is for the minute body structures.

The human anatomy is the entire structure that makes up a human being. The study of the human anatomy involves the study of the visible parts of the body as well as the internal parts. Every part of the human body is made up of cells. The estimated number of cells in an adult is 37.2 trillion.

It is important to study human anatomy so that to understand how our body functions. Only by knowing our body will we realize when something has gone wrong. Physicians study physiology as well to understand how the different parts of the body work together to ensure proper functioning of the body.

Every single part of the human body is important and has its function. No matter how small an organ maybe, it has an important role to play. Some parts of the human body can be replaced by manmade organs. Others can be transplanted in the event that the person has fallen ill and there is need of a transplant. Human beings can donate their organs to another if they are tested and found to have compatibility.

The study of the body organs enables us to discover how amazing the human body is. Scientists have been able to identify all the organs of the body. Some of the functions of different body organs remain a wonder. The ability of the body to heal and regenerate by itself is amazing. Such wonders are the impetus of the discussion on how the human body came into existence.

The strong resemblance of the human anatomy with that of primates brought into the fore the discussion about the possibility of evolution. Evolutions states that human beings were first primates and they have evolved over the years to become the modern man. The anatomy of the primates and that of the human beings has strong similarities that make this a scientific possibility worth considering.

The study of the human body helps in finding medical solutions to diseases. Once scientists understand how different parts of the body work and what causes them to malfunction, they are able to come up with solutions. The study of the human body is therefore very important.

The human body

The skeleton is the frame that holds together every organs of the human body. The body mass can increase and reduce over the years but the skeletal structure of the human body remains quite the same. Fat and muscle tissues are distributed differently in different people. This makes the different body types. Genetics, exercise and diets affect the general body type of a human being.

The internal organs are hosted in the body cavities. The abdominopelvic cavity is the largest body

cavity in the human body.

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