Effects of Cold War on Europe

sample essay about the Human rights watch

Human rights watch

Human Rights Watch is a non-governmental organization that operates internationally. The NGO is involved in advocacy and human rights activism. It s also involved in carrying out research for the areas relevant to its activities. Human Rights Watch has various offices all over the world including Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Beirut, Tokyo, Toronto, Paris, London among many other regions. Human Rights Watch is sponsored by the George Soros Open Society Foundation.

Human Rights Watch focuses its initiatives of fighting for human rights internationally. They publish reports concerning violation of human rights by governments or other organizations. In this way, they are able to attract attention to sensitive issues around the world about human rights. By making such information public, they apply pressure to governments and other organizations to do what is necessary in their capacity to curb violation of human rights.

Human Rights Watch also focuses on other negative issues including gender discrimination, military use of children, abuse of criminal justice among many other issues. The organization also stays in touch with victims of human rights violation and provides security for them where necessary.

Human Rights Watch uses all channels available to meet their goals. The media plays a very important role in advocacy of the issues that the NGO deals with. Therefore, they sponsor writers who write about the issues they are keen about. They provide financial support for reporters who are being silenced by authorities that do not want human rights violation issues to be brough to the public knowledge.

The NGO also rewards other players in matters of human rights activism. They award activists who sacrifice a lot including their lives to bring to public knowledge cases of human rights violation. The NGO works closely with them to conduct in depth investigation concerning the matters they are exposing and the initiatives they are championing. The organization will support award winners in any way necessary so that the desired goal is achieved.

The organization has employed over 400 employees to run the activities of the organization. The employees conduct investigations about human rights violations issues. They also conduct monitoring and evaluation for the various projects they run around the country.

They liaise with various media in the regions where they work to apply pressure on the necessary authorities. The organization conducts missions where they meet and communicate with victims of human rights violation. They use this time to collect evidence concerning different cases of human rights violation that they publish and use advocacy points to governments and other involved parties.

Some of the human rights issues that the Human Rights Watch handle are quite controversial in some countries. For example issues to deal with gay rights are approached very differently in different societies. However, the organization has a responsibility to the people who are facing discrimination based on their sexual orientation.


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Human Rights Watch


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