International labor organization

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International labor organization

The International Labor Organization is a function of the United Nations that is mandated to deal with labor issues including ensuring decent work and international labor standards. The International Labor Organization takes note of member countries that are violating labor regulations. However, the organization is not empowered to impose any sanctions on a government that is not abiding by the provisions of the labor laws.

The International Labor Organization is made up of 185 member countries. These are member states that are also part of the United Nations. Only 8 more states that are members of International Labor Organization are not members of the United Nations. Any country is allowed to join International Labor Organization. Before joining the organization, interested members must accept all the obligations that come with being a member state of the organization.

The International Labor Organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1969 for offering technical help to developing countries, fostering peace among classes, and seeking justice for workers.

The governing body

Te governing body is comprised of 28 government representatives, 14 workers’ representatives and 14 employers’ representatives. Among other duties the governing body of the International Labor Organization does the following functions:

  • Submits a draft program and budget to the conference
  • Comes up with agenda for the International Labor Conference
  • Collects information about labor matters from member countries
  • Elects the director general
  • Supervises functions of the office
  • Selects commissions of inquiry

The International Labor Organization holds the International labor Conference also called the parliament of labor annually. The conference is normally held in Geneva. The conference is normally held in June of every year. During the conference the delegates come up with recommendations and conventions to be adopted by member states. Each member states normally has its representatives in the conference to present their views and participate accordingly.

The government representatives from the member states are required to give a report on how their country has been complying with the policies developed during the conferences. The delegates also considers the breaches of the international labor standards made by member states. Several fundamental principles are then duly ratified. The conference normally bears a number of policies. An example is the declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work that was adopted during the 86th international labor conference. The conference that took place in 1998 came up with four policies including:

  1. The end of unfair discrimination among workers
  2. The end of forced labor
  3. The right to free association and bargaining by workers
  4. End of child labor

These principles must be obliged to by every member state of the International Labor Organization. Most of the member states have already applied or are working towards ensuring the fulfillment of all the provisions of the policy.

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