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Sample Essay on Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Americans have always dreamed for change and a peaceful nation. Yet, the key problem in the turn of the 17th century was that it was not easy to choose the best leaders. Adjustments in the electoral process guaranteed the much need change and gave the citizen the voice to pick the best government. Not only land owners were allowed to vote, but also white men. In1828, great change took place in the nation; American people elected Andrew Johnson.

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. Jackson was born on March 15th 1767 and died on June 8th 1845. He served in the militia during the American revolutionary war where he won many battles and came back home after war to pursue a career as a country lawyer. In 1796, he played a great role in formation of the state of Tennessee. He was afterwards elected to the U.S House of Representatives and then to the senate.

In 1824, Jackson was nominated for presidency, but he lost to John Quincy Adams. After forming the Democratic Party with his supporters for the awaited election rematch with Adams in 1828, he was nominated again and won. Surprisingly, Andrew Jackson was the president to invite public to attend the white house ball for his first inauguration.

As a president, Jackson faced succession threat from South Carolina the key issue being the “Tariff of Abomination”, a protective tariff passed during the Adam’s presidency.  Immediately, Jackson denied the right of the state to separate from union or to invalidate any federal law. In 1832, he faced opposition from Republican Henry Clay; senator for Kentucky and the former speaker of the house. Historically, it was the first time all political parties had a chance to nominate their candidates via an exceptional nominating convention. Jackson easily overcome his rival and retained the presidency.

Andrew Jackson was a controversial leader, but a straightforward person who respected his decisions all the time. In 1835, he paid off the whole national debt; the first time in U.S that this has ever happened. Unfortunately, from 1837 to 1844, a severe depression hit the world causing the national debt to surge to over $3.3 million, a debt that has not be cleared since. Jackson also called for the abolition of the Electoral College by constitution amendment.

Interestingly, he also called for enactment of the theory of rotation in office for political appointments as he thought many of individuals in government offices were corrupt. Another notable disaster in the Andrew Jackson regime was the nullification crisis. Here, skeptics argued that the high tariffs “the Tariff of Abomination”, made good imported from Europe more expensive than those available from the northern U.S and this raised prices paid by those in the southern parts of the nation.

The removal and relocation of Indians was perhaps the most controversial policies of Jackson’s presidency. He orchestrated treaties and removal policies of Indians tribes to Arkansas territory and to the west of Mississippi river, a major part of his campaign agenda in 1824 and 1828 presidential elections. More than 45, 000 American Indians were relocated to the west. He also made great judicial appointments that strengthened the United States District Courts.  Andre Jackson is one of the few American presidents to appear in the US Postage. He left office in 1939 while still popular and endorsed Martin Van Buren to succeed him as the president. He passed on at the age of seventy-eight years.

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