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Sample Essay on Arab Israeli War

Sample Essay on Arab Israeli War

The Arab Israeli War which took place in 1948 is also known as the First Arab-Israeli War. It was between a military coalition of Arab states and the State of Israel and the Palestinian Arab forces. The war formed the 2nd stage of the 1948 Palestine War which was known in Arabic as al-Nakba.

Conflict and tension existed between the Jews and Arabs as well as between these two and the British forces since Balfour Declaration in 1917 and the creation of the British Mandate of Palestine in 1920. The policies of the British dissatisfied both Jews and Arabs. The opposition of the Arabs resulted into the 1936-1939 Arab revolt in Palestine. Jews resistance also developed into Jewish insurgency in Palestine 1944 to 1947.

On November 1947, the ongoing tensions erupted into a Civil War between the Jewish and Arab populations in response to the United Nations Partition Plan aimed at dividing Palestine into 3 areas which included a Jewish state, Special International Regime for the city of Jerusalem and an Arab state.

On May 15th 1948, the civil war which was ongoing was transformed to an interstate conflict between the Arab and Israel states. Egypt, Syria and Jordan together with expeditionary forces from Iraq combined forces and entered Palestine. This was despite the fact that Jordan had privately declared on 2nd May to Yishuv emissaries that it would abide by the decision not to attack the Jewish state.

The invading forces managed to take control over the Arab regions and they attacked Israeli forces immediately and several Jewish settlements. This was followed by a ten month period of fighting that was interrupted by numerous truce periods that took place on the former territory of the British Man date. For a short time, this also happened in southern Lebanon and Sinai Peninsula.

Because of the war, the Israeli State retained the areas the United Nation General Assembly Resolution 181 has recommended for proposed Jewish state and took control of close to 60% of the region allocated for proposed Arab State. This included the Lydda, Ramle area, Jaffa, parts of Negev, West Jerusalem, Galilee, wide strip along Tel-Aviv-Jerusalem road, territories in the West Bank and West Jerusalem.

The remainder of the West Bank which included East Jerusalem was taken over by Transjordan while the Gaza Strip was taken over by the Egyptian military. There was no Arab Palestinian state created. Israeli declared its independence on 14th May, 1948 and as a result, fighting with other Arab forces that joined the Palestinian Arabs intensified. Ultimately, the Arab-Israeli war caused the displacement of thousands of Palestinian Arabs.

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