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Sample Essay on Battle of Iwo Jima

Sample Essay on Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of Iwo Jima was also called the Operation Detachment. It was a battle that was fought by the Armed Forces of the United States to capture the Iwo Jima Island from the Empire of Japan. The goal of the American invasion was to capture the whole island including the three airfields of Central Field and South Field. This would provide the Americans with a staging base for attacking the main islands of Japan.

The battle was fought for five weeks and it comprised of the bloodiest and fiercest fighting during the Pacific war of the Second World War. The strategic value of this island eventually became controversial after heavy losses that were incurred during the battle of Iwo Jima.  The island became useless to the U.S navy as the fleet base and useless for the army to act as a staging base.

The positions of the Imperial Army of Japan were fortified heavily with invisible artillery positions and dense bunkers’ network. The Japanese also had underground tunnels extending up to 18 kilometers or 11 miles. Extensive and strong naval artillery supported the Americans who were on the ground as well as a comprehensive air supremacy over the island that dominated the entire battle. Marine Corps aviators and the Navy were involved in the battle of Iwo Jima.

The battle of Iwo Jima marked the only battle fought by the Marine Corps of the U.S where the overall casualties of the U.S both the wounded and killed exceeded the casualties of the Japanese. However, combat deaths of the Japanese were thrice when compared to the combat deaths of Americans during the entire battle.

Only 216 Japanese soldiers were captured and taken as prisoners out of the total 22,000 soldiers during the Iwo Jima battle. Some of these captured were disabled while others were knocked unconscious. The rest were killed while in action. Nevertheless, it is estimated that up to 3, 000 soldiers continued resisting in the cave system later for many days. Eventually, they succumbed to injuries or surrendered after weeks of fighting.

Although the Japanese soldiers were determined to win the battle, it was apparent that Japan would be defeated despite the severe casualties and bloody fighting that occurred during the battle. This was because Americans had overwhelming numbers and superior arms and complete air power control. This coupled with Japanese reinforcement or retreat impossibility permitted a victory for the United States Armed Forces.

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