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Sample Essay on Battle of Jutland

Sample Essay on Battle of Jutland

Battle of Jutland refers to a battle that was fought against High Seas Fleet of the Imperial Germany Navy by the Grand Fleet of the Royal Navy during the World War I. Grand Fleet of the Royal Navy included individual personnel from Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Australian Navy. This battle was fought from 31st May 1916 to 1st June 1916 near Jutland in the North Sea in Denmark.

The battle of Jutland was historical because it was the only full-scale clash and the largest battle between naval forces during the World War I. It was also the third fleet action involving steel battleships after smaller though decisive battles of Tsushima in 1905 and Yellow Sea in 1904 fought during Russo-Japanese War.

Admiral Sir John Jellicoe commanded the Grand Fleet of the British. Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer commanded the High Seas Fleet of the German. The intention of the High Seas Fleet was to trap after luring a portion of Grand Fleet and then destroy it. This is because German had insufficient naval force and engaging the British fleet successfully would be difficult.

As such, the battle was a part of the larger strategy of the German to break a blockade of Germany by the British and eventually allow for smooth operation of its mercantile shipping. In the meantime, the Royal Navy came up with a strategy for engaging and destroying High Seas Fleet or keeping the German naval forces within or away from the shipping lanes of the British.

The plan of the German was to use Franz Hipper, the Vice-Admiral’s group of the five battle cruisers that was scouting fast in luring Battle Cruiser squadrons of Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty into a path that the main fleet of the Germans was following. The Germans stationed submarines in advance in the routes that British ships were likely to take.

However, British learned of the plan from their signal intercepts. They learnt of a possibility of a major operation of the German fleet and on 30th May, Jellicoe opted to sail with Grand Fleet with Beatty to rendezvous passing the locations of picket lines of the German submarines when they were not prepared. A delay in the pan of the German caused more problems for the submarines that were already at the limit of the sea endurance.

In 31st May afternoon, Beatty encountered the battle cruiser of hipper long before the time expected by the Germans and he was successful in drawing the vanguard of the British into the High Seas Fleet path.

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