Effects of Cold War on Asia

Sample Essay on Benefits of Undifferentiated Marketing

Benefits of Undifferentiated Marketing

Demand of goods and services in the market plays a crucial role in determining the kind of marketing approach to be used by a company. There are different kinds of marketing strategy but undifferentiated marketing is one of the most reliable mass marketing techniques that offer numerous benefits for sell of common place or even new products. Some of the major benefits associated with this strategy include the following:

Market segments

Undifferentiated marketing is also referred to as mass marketing and refers to marketing of the same service or product like paper goods to all the market segments. This means that consumers from all walks of life and in different market segments get to hear about the product or service and this in turn increases its visibility or demand in the market.

Reaches a wide audience

Compared to other forms of marketing, undifferentiated marketing is considered the best simply because it reaches a wider target audience. This means that the successful hits will be high despite any low probability of a single consumer showing up.

Commodity products

Commodity products like fuel, bread and paper offer benefits which appeal to a large section of the market segment as they fall within the necessities category. By using an undifferentiated approach, it is easier to find a universal appeal for the commodity. Basically, this strategy treats consumers in the same manner in terms of product availability, price and presentation. As a matter of fact, the benefits and standard features of such products does not require that they are marketed targeting a specific segment.

Innovative products

With undifferentiated marketing, it is possible to market innovative services or products that are entering into new territories. It is difficult to identify a specific market when a product is offering features that are unknown.

Under such conditions, it is only sensible to use undifferentiated marketing for the simple reason then, the product is offered to all market segments. In essence, undifferentiated marketing is deemed the first step towards the identification of a particular market segment for innovative products.

Product cycle

Undifferentiated marketing can offer numerous benefits in instances where the product has already reached its end cycle. The life cycle of a product charts the course it takes within the consumers market from the first time it appears in the market and whether it is followed by increased sales before it declines in demand or popularity.

When the sales decline, it is an indication the product life has come to end. Through use of undifferentiated marketing towards the end of the products life cycle, it is possible to increase the likelihood of making sales.

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