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Part 1: Business Analysis: Facebook

1A) The media platform selected for this case is Facebook. This is an online social network service that allows sharing of messages, photographs and access of web content among other related features online. A user therefore has to register his or personal details before accessing the services (Eldon, 2008, December 18).

1B) On February 4, 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S Facebook was introduced. The service was designed to enable the University of Cambridge students to have a web platform for sharing information. However, its coverage was extended to other institutions including Ivy League and Stanford University. Later on, it expanded to high school students in the United States.

In 2005, Facebook membership was opened to all people across the globe. Presently, registration on the platform can be done by any person who is 13years of age and above (Eldon, 2008, December 18).

1C) The initial cost of Facebook is not known. This is because it was first funded by its two founders Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg. However, there were many investments from many entities towards the social site after it was launched in February 2004. Peter Thiel for example submitted a $500, 000 angel investments in 2004 to purchase 10.2 percent of the company. The following season, in May the same year, Accel Partners placed a $ 12.7 million investment venture for the enterprise.

Jim Bayer also placed a $1million personal investment in the same (Facebook Current Report, Form 8-K, Filing Date July26, 2012).

1D) Facebook is owned and run by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg and other roomies at the University of Harvard founded the social media service. Facebook Company however made the first public offer (IPO) of 5 billion on February 1, 2012). Facebook Inc. at present still trades in NASDAQ. This is an indication that the company has shareholders in most of its operations.

1E) Facebook Company as stated above is owned by Facebook and the company website is

1F) The headquarters of Facebook is in Menlo Park, California, U.S. However, this was not the company’s initial headquarters because it was stationed in Stanford Research Park, Palo Alto California.

1G) Mark Zuckerberg, the chairperson and the CEO, the Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg and David Ebersman, the Chief Financial Officer are the companies three top officers (Eldon, 2008, December 18).

1H) Facebook Company generates most of its income from online sales and advertising. According to the 2012, financial report, Facebook received proceeds of $5.1 billion with Net Income of $ 53million (Facebook Current Report, Form 8-K, Filling Date July 26, 2012).

1J) Sources

Eldon, E. (2008, December 18). ‘’2008 Growth Puts Facebook in Better Position to Make Money’’. San Francisco: Venture Beat. Retrieved December 10, 2013 from

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Part 2: Ethical Analysis

2A) In as much as many positive aspects of Facebook have been witnessed, there are users that have also noted criticisms in regards to ethical issues with the site. Facebook is commonly used by younger people and concerns have been raised over the content youngsters share with the peers and friends.

This emerges from the fact that young people often identify themselves with things such as violence and alcoholism as witnessed in their profiles. Facebook on the same note has not been in a position to control content shared on its platform. This is something that had led to accusations for encouraging vices and other crimes in the society.

Khalil Shreateh in 2013, found a bug that enabled him to post content in the profiles of other people. Facebook management upon receiving the message negated the claim as false. Even so, Khalil, managed to utilize the bug to post content in the profile account of Mark Zuckerberg (Warren, 2013, August 01).

The problem came in when Facebook management was not able to work with him in an effort to resolve the issue. They instead suspended his accounted and did not pay him and this move was considered unethical.

2B) The mentioned issues above are serious and they negate positive attributes made by Facebook. I believe that my code of ethics is in a position to inform of some of the decisions reached by Facebook management in an effort to enhance their products and services. As written in my ethics paper, I know that responsibility, care and honesty are crucial virtues that enhance decision making to the benefit of the society. in this relevance, the first step would include serious commitment to ensure that Facebook helps to reach positive goals in the society via continued improvement.

My second move involves making conscious decisions. This is vital because many problems have been seen to revolve around younger people in the society. this step can therefore help the management to ensure that they are highly professional and they keep monitoring shared content regularly in an effort to maintain decency.

My last step is conversation and it involves engaging all stakeholders in trying to design effective solutions to problems. In an incident where a person learnt of a virus, it is the company’s responsibility or policy to ensure they work together to resolve the issue. Payment of more than $500 should be made to a person who discovers such as virus. The company in this case, refused to engage Shreateh instead of working as a team to resolve the issue, something that would jeopardize the company’s privacy.



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