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Sample Essay on Catholic Monarchs

Sample Essay on Catholic Monarchs

Catholic monarchs are also called catholic majesties or catholic kings. The title Catholic monarchs refer to the history of King Ferdinand II of the Aragon and Queen Isabella I of the Castile. These were second cousins in the House of the Trastamara. Both were descendants of John I of Castile. They were given papal dispensation for dealing with the consanguinity by the Sixtus IV on marriage.

The two married on 19th October 1469 in City of Valladolid. At that time, Isabella was only 18 years old while Ferdinand was 17 years old. Both crowns united their marriage under a similar family. According to many historians including John Elliot, Spain unification can be traced back to this marriage between Isabella and Ferdinand.

However, there are newer historical opinions that recognize that under the rule of the newly married couple Spain remained a composite monarchy. According to these historical opinions, Aragon and Castile remained separated largely as different entities for several decades later. Court of Isabella and Ferdinand was moving constantly. This was because they were seeking the support of the local feudal lords for the crown.

Pope Alexander VI bestowed them the title of the Catholic King and Queen in 1494. This is because they were defending the dogmas of the Catholic Church in their realms. The term catholic monarchs or catholic kings are also used in generic sense. For instance, the authority of the pope was more than that of the catholic monarchs. The generic use of the terms or particularity of their use can be differentiated on the basis of the context.

To some people in Spain, marriage between Ferdinand and Isabella was aimed to unite Spain but it was a bad omen. This argument was based in various reasons including the fact that the two were teenagers. The claim of Castile’s thrown by Isabella was also disputed. Claim of Aragon’s throne by Ferdinand was facing dangers of a civil war.

To make matters worse, the Isabella and Ferdinand were cousins and for that reason they were married secretly. Special dispensation by papal was required which it turned out to have been a forgery that Ferdinand and supporters concocted. In addition, Isabella and Ferdinand had several enemies and Castile had chaotic political conditions with the powerful nobles wanting to regain their influence.

Nevertheless, historians have observed that Isabella and Ferdinand commonly known as the Catholic monarchs acted as the foundation of the Golden Age of Spain.

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