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Sample Essay on Causes of the Decline of the Russian empire

Sample Essay on Causes of the Decline of the Russian empire

There were several causes of the decline of the Russian empire. Tsar Nicholas II was the last one to claim the Grand Duke of Finland title and the King of Poland. During his rule, several factors led to the decline of the Russian Empire.

Indeed, it was during his time that sentiments of a revolution started forming. Groups like the Petrashevsky Circle and The Decembrist’s became popular during his time. These groups played a significant role in fueling the revolution and ending the Russian Empire.

Nicholas II was a man who was born and brought up learning the subversive literature that was popular among many students in Russia. However, Nachayev led a group of radical minority with a political dissenter Tkachev. They formed a group that devised the revolutionary activities program that was advocating for social revolution. This was when Nachayev composed the revolutionary catechism that would eventually haunt Nicholas II.

Catechism of the revolutionary also contributed to the decline of the Russian Empire. This comprised of the 26 laws or rules of the revolution that people were supposed to live by. This document played a significant role in planting the seeds of revolutionary ion the minds of the people.

The revolutionary catechism document and other books, articles, essays and poems wrote by the group led by Nachayev had a great role in contributing to the down fall of the Russian Empire. In these writings, Nachayev urged the people to learn sciences and arts of physics, mechanics, chemistry and medicine and living science of the men for the sole purpose of destroying the filthy system in the surest and quickest way possible.

The activities of the revolutionary group led by Nachayev made Nicholas II very unpopular among the people. He turned to arresting the dissenting individuals including Vladimir I. he also arrested Lenin as one of the political dissidents for his efforts to cause a revolution.

Ambition of Russia Empire to expand also contributed to its decline. This ambition led Russia into war with Japan which greatly affected its economy. At some point, the economy of the Russian Empire was stagnant.

One of the major causes of this decline is the stagnation that occurred in the 1970s. Before 1980s, the Russian empire was already declining as a superpower. This can be attributed to the strategies that were adopted for the arms race that placed several strains in the already faltering economy. Several treaties such as SALT and ABM reduced nuclear confrontation threat. However, Soviet empire entered into economic stagnation at around 1975 which was difficult for it to emerge.

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