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Sample Essay on Causes of the Russian Revolution

Sample Essay on Causes of the Russian Revolution

There were several causes of the Russian revolution. Russian revolution was a climax or culmination of a period of unrest and repression. Since the time of Peter the Great, czars became autocratic bureaucrats who imposed their will on people using force without considering human liberty and respect for human life. This caused resentments among the people. Eventually, the czar became unpopular and people went out to the street with the leadership of revolutionary leaders.

In the March of 1917, people were out in crowds rioting in the streets. Instead of stopping them, the soldiers joined in mutinies. Eventually, Duma members also joined in the rebellion. This rebellion forced Tsar Nicholas II to abdicate paving way for the Provisional Government.

This revolution has been attributed to various factors. One of these factors was the weakness of the Tsar. Nicholas II was considered unwilling or incapable of governing Russia. However, some historians have opposed this and said that Tsar Nicholas II was willing to govern.

However, he lacked the ability and ideas to rule by autocracy properly. This made it difficult for him to respond to the crisis that Russia was facing at his time. He was following the way his father was governing the regime without considering the fact that Russia needed modernizing and reformation. This resulted in discontentment among the people and eventual revolution.

Alienation of the military also led to the Russian revolution. Russian military was made of thousands of soldiers who were dissatisfied with the way they were treated and they wanted the conditions to be improved. The military was treated inhumanely even worse than the citizens that it served. Bolsheviks seemed to offer what the military wanted in 1917. Additionally, the class of professionals also felt alienated by the Tsar as well as the court over modernization issue. These turned to Duma in search of a solution.

Another factor that led to the Russian revolution was the politicization of the civil society. As of 1890s, a political and educated culture had been developed among some people in Russia. These people fell between the peasants or workers and the aristocracy. This was a group of the civil society of that time and they fueled revolutionary sentiments among the common citizens. They sensitized people on the need to unite and defeat the unfit regime.

The general misrepresentation and tsarist autocracy contributed greatly to the Russian revolution. The Romanov family held the Tsarist for 3 centuries which alone made people feel that they were not represented in the government.

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