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Sample Essay on Concentrated Marketing Strategy

Concentrated Marketing Strategy

Concentrated marketing strategy refers to a marketing approach whose aim is connect with and sell products to a specified consumers’ group. It can be defined as a strategy for growth where resources of a company are focused on a population segment or market niche that has been defined properly. Some people call it niche marketing.

This marketing strategy requires a company to take steps in identifying target consumer group or market niche that has higher chances of being attracted to the services or products and then developing a unique marketing plan that will facilitate reaching the target consumer group. Normally, the process entails planning how products will be delivered in a way that will most likely generate repeat sales or purchases from the target consumers.

More often, concentrated marketing acts as an ideal approach that smaller businesses that have limited resources use because it does not depend on creation and mass production, marketing and distribution in reaching a wide range of the potential consumers.

The opposite of concentrated marketing strategy is undifferentiated marketing strategy. Undifferentiated marketing strategy aims at capturing as large share in the market as possible through creation of broad campaigns that target consumers across all ages, economic backgrounds, genders as well as geographical locations.

Contrary to undifferentiated marketing strategy, concentrated marketing strategy aims at identifying specific niche markets or market where the demand for a produced product or service is likely to be higher. To reach the target niche markets or market, the producer comes up with a plan that entails only the media that the consumers in the target markets use instead of launching a broad campaign. For instance, a company that produces farming implements can use a radio that farmers tune into to advertise its products to them instead of using an ad in a magazine that has a broader audience.

Although concentrated marketing strategy can help a company or business reduce its advertising cost, it also has some drawbacks in some cases. For instance, since the strategy targets a specific audience it requires a marketing plan that is highly and meticulously developed. This implies that a company has to invest in conducting extensive research to know the needs, wants as well as buying habits of the specific consumers’ group.

Additionally, concentrated marketing strategy implies that there are consumer groups that are not targeted. Thus, the products of a company might not reach them. This implies that if the company fails to capture a good share in the targeted group, it is likely to engage in a costly venture of cultivating a new client base by focusing on a different consumer group.

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