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Sample Essay on Economic Factors Affecting Insurance Industry

Economic Factors Affecting Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has been an important component in the global economy growth and development. Insurance is all about equitable transfer of the risk of a loss from one individual [entity] to another. Insurance has become the way of life for many people in the world. In essence, there is a long and complex history on insurance. Global insurance industry premiums grow each year and this depicts that there are economic factors that have been cited to effect these changes.

Globalization has brought a lot of changes in the world. Today, despite the increased cases of terrorism, theft, deregulation and much more, the insurance industry has gone a step further to offer solutions to many calamities experienced in the life. Insurance of any type is about handling countless risks. It does not matter whether you opt for life insurance, health insurance or liability insurance, there are risks to handle.

It is wise to sort out the numerous economic factors that affect insurance industry before you step into the insurance business. There are many factors to look at when looking for insurances companies.   More than anything, both investors and consumers should pay attention to insurer’s financial stability and ability to balance and satisfy ongoing obligations to policyholders.

Poor ground rules exhibited by many insurance companies in the sector not only signpost poor investment opportunity, but also hinder growth in the field. Nothing is off-putting than an insurance investor finding out that the insurance sector will not meet the intended goals. Economy whether doing good or poorly in the local or global markets affects insurance business like any other business you might mention.  Therefore, it is wise to look at the common economic factors impacting the insurance industry and they include;

  1. In case of fewer claim- Whenever, the economy is doing well, investments returns will increase rapidly and an insurer may accept claims. On the other hand, when investment return decrease in a plunging economy , insurance companies need to acquire the lost money back whether by taking out loans or inspecting claims closely and deny them if possible.
  2. Increased regulation- Despite an insurance company not being at fault with the economy crisis, a fault may occur in increased regulations on all financial sectors. There are many governmental regulations that insurances have to take care of and they may cost more than expected.
  3. New business models – Whenever financial landscapes change, insurance companies hope to overcome any change.  This means changing their model of operation. For instance, a company may consolidate, just like banks do and be able to manage risk aptly. An insurance company may also change its investment strategies and look for new opportunities that guarantee a stable investment that may no longer be dependable.
  4. Less demand – Whenever the economy is down, only a few small businesses can spend on insurance. This means the demand for insurance will also plunge and insurers have to compete for more customers. If you are ready to take advantage of the insurance industry, this is the best time to do so and carefully. Note that, during good economic times, such opportunities will not be anywhere to see or ask for. Therefore, invest wisely.

Indeed, economy affects the insurance industry. This impact is experienced by consumers, business personnel, taxpayers and even employers. The insurance sector is itself affected when any economic changes occur. Today, the insurance industry is more sensitive to economic recovery to avoid unexpected crisis. The present success of the insurance industry can be attributed with unprecedented demand.

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