Effects of Cold War on Soviet Union

Sample Essay on Economic Factors Affecting Small Businesses

Economic Factors Affecting Small Businesses

Small businesses are usually private owned corporations, sole proprietorships or partnerships. These businesses vary from one country to another and they are the most common types of business venture in almost every country in the globe. Small businesses do not differ as much from big businesses. Like any other business, there economic factors that affect small businesses.

Owning small business venture guarantees independence. Freedom to operate independently makes it easy to run things in the company without any doubts or shortcomings. Despite the many factors that affect businesses positively or negatively, small business offer an opportunity to make your own decision, take risks and enjoy extraordinary rewards if you hit the pinnacle that you may have been dreaming about from the start.

Economic factors affecting businesses are widespread and for savvy business owners, it is wise to stay on the pulse of future changes in business in order to overcome any business threats or competition. Entrepreneurship tends to focus on identifying and satisfying consumers’ needs in the specific niche markets. However, there are economic factors that affect small businesses that entrepreneurs should keep in mind always. And they include;

  1. Consumer confidence – From the many economic indicators out there, consumer confidence is a factor that measures the overall consumer optimism about the state of the economy. Consumers who are more confident tend to spend even in small business where it is hard sometimes to get discounts or bonuses. Consumers with low confidence are many times not willing to spend money and end up missing many opportunities.
  2. Employment- When businesses are doing well, jobs tend to copious since there is a high demand for products. However, when there is a decline in the business regardless of it’s since, employment is low and some entrepreneurs are forced to reduce the number of employees. On the other hand, when consumers do not have job, they lack income to visit small business for goods and services.
  3. Regulations- Local and federal rules and regulation impact how a small business can take control of the available economic openings. Regulations affect the ability of small business create job openings and revenue. Laws of bankruptcy ensure that small business do not face any troubles and they can quickly relocate while stable property rights and investment protection establish trust so small business entrepreneurs can invest again and in future.
  4. Supply and demand- When the demand for goods and services plunges, economic growth will follow the same trend. This definitely leads to loss of customers and due to increased pricing pressure. High interest rates and unemployment dent customers spending as clients and businesses tamper with increasing cost of business with the declining demand for goods and services.
  5. Technology- Through the advent of technology, customer services and demand has improved rapidly. Online databases provide clients with necessary data on available products and anything linked with the small business of choice. Hence, technology impacts speed and efficiency of the business in its operations to satisfy customers.

Having a growth orientation for your small business does not guarantee instant growth but the business owner should be committed to expansion. Every business should be able to exploit available openings without any impediments. In a nutshell, it is wise for a business owner to identify the relevant facts that will impact the business to high ranks.

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