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Sample Essay on Environmentalism


Environmentalism is defined as a broad ideology, social and philosophy movement that concerns itself with matters of protecting the environment and improving its health. The health measure is especially important because it attempts to incorporate concerns that are related to non-human elements.

Environmentalism advocates for the restoration, improvement and/or improvement of natural environment and can be referred the movement for controlling pollution or protecting animal and plant diversity.

There are several causes of environmentalism that are genuine and they include:

  • Reduction of chemical pollution from agriculture and manufacturing
  • Endangered species protection
  • Creation of sanctuaries for wildlife in order to prevent local extinction which is also known as extirpation and conservation of existing ones
  • Endangered species protection
  • Mitigation of global warming and reduction of greenhouse gas emission for instance by promoting mass transit
  • Encouragement of better municipal and industrial practices for waste management.
  • Opposition to further expansion of fossils usage
  • Promotion of vegan and vegetarian diets because they are environment friendly. Meat is sixteen times more energy extensive in terms of production and twenty four times more in emission of greenhouses as compared to plants.

Often, it is difficult to determine exactly which the best strategy for protecting the environment. In order to understand whether a specific process or product is sustainable in regard to environmentalism, it is important to first of all carry out life cycle assessments.

Environmentalism is important as it acts as a response to negative impact brought about by human activities and which affect nature. The concern for protecting the environment has recurred in different forms and in different parts of the globe throughout history.

For instance, in Europe in King Edward I of England was banned because of burning sea coal proclamation in 1272 in London after its smoke became a problem. That type of fuel was extremely common in England such that its earliest names were acquired because it was carted from shores through use of wheelbarrows.

Environmentalism today has changed from the manner it was performed in the past. This is because today, there is a great deal of issues to deal with like genetic engineering, global warming and overpopulation.

Many youth in today’s society are also aware of the state the plant is in as such, they are more conscious about making environmental friendly choices. There are Eco Clubs in schools working on creation of new ideals through sustainable and other minor changes in the lives of students for instance, buying organic food, personal care items and clothing.

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