Sample Essay on Franco-Prussian War

Franco-Prussian War

Franco-Prussian War refers to the conflict between the states of Northern German Confederation and the Second French Empire. The kingdom of Prussia led the German states at the time of this war. Conflict between Prussia and France was an indication of the rise of the military power of Germany and imperialism.

The Chancellor of Prussia, Otto von Bismarck provoked this conflict as part of a plan to establish a unified Germany. Unification of German states that were viewed by Napoleon III with apprehension after the victory of Prussia in the 1866’s also provoked this conflict. Additionally, Bismarck encouraged the growth of a rift between France and Prussia as a way of establishing a national union among the states of Southern Germany.

Bismarck ensured the Italian and Russian neutrality while counting on the neutrality of British. Both sides prepared for a war with France having remarkable inefficiencies while Prussia was astoundingly thorough. When Spain’s throne was give to a prince belonging to Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen house, this acted as a pretext for a war. This house was a branch of the large house that was ruling in Prussia.

Bismarck adroitly established a diplomatic crisis on the basis of this succession. He then rewrote a meeting’s dispatch that made it look like the King of Prussia had insulted France. Parliament and press in France demanded a war and the Napoleon III generals assured him of a France victory. France mobilized quickly and declared a war on Prussia on 19th July 1986. However, the other states of Germany joined the war on the side of Prussia.

The aftermath of the Franco-Prussian war was a quick victory of Germany that stunned most neutral observers. Many observers expected the war to be long and France to win because strategic advantages of Germany were never appreciated beyond its boundaries until the end of these hostilities.

Other countries discerned that the Germans had several advantages brought by their innovations and military systems. The General Staff of Prussia established by Moltke proved effective unlike the traditional school in France.

This was because the traditional school was established with an aim of studying the previous operations of Prussia and also to avoid making mistakes. Using the structure of the General Staff system, Moltke ability to control future and large formations was strengthened.

However, the General Staff in France with those of the European military was better than a pool of assistants in a line of commanders. The disorganization in the France military made it difficult for commanders to exercise their control over the forces. This led to a quick victory for the German states contrary to the expectations of many observers.

Through this war, both German and Prussian forces proved their superiority due to their efficient use of superior steel artillery and railways. At that time, rail network in Prussia was the fourth densest in the world while that of France came fifth.

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