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Sample Essay on Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

What is guerrilla marketing? Unlike where marketing is based on conventional goals of profit, guerrilla marketing uses unconventional goals. Some of these goals may include having more offering when the economy is not performing well in order to persuade customers to make more purchases. In this paper, we shall discuss the concept of guerrilla marketing and its impact in the business world.

When it comes to investments, everybody thinks about money. However, guerilla marketing is not concerned with money. Instead, it advocates for one to invest, time, energy, knowledge, and imagination. This is quite unconventional; having in mind that money means investment to some people in business circles. In essence, guerrilla marketing focuses on profits that a company makes and not the sales, which most firms emphasize. It therefore embraces geometrical growth, which allows you to expand transactions with individual customers. This means that customers with trust you and maintain high level of loyalty. Moreover, this approach benefits a lot on referral power of current customers, because of their satisfaction with the services and products. It achieves all these through calls via the telephone, which is one of the most powerful marketing tools of all times.

Telephone is effective especially when doing follow-ups. Even though you cannot use phone calls to conduct follow-ups of your customer mails, there is evidence that it is an effective approach in boosting your sales and profits. Nonetheless, it is a demanding task, which some people cannot dare give it a chance. Most companies and individuals who choose guerilla marketing find telephoning to be workable because the two require serious commitment. Emails are also common in guerrilla marketing. Marketing pundits agree that it is inexpensive and fast compared to other forms of marketing. When you send emails to customers, they feel cared for and are likely to respond positively. In other words, it cements the relationship between the seller and the buyer.

Today, with massive usage of the internet, it is needless to say that your website is a marketing tool. Instead of telling everything through other channels, reach out to all customers out there with your website. In fact, you can use other means of marketing like email and calls to direct customers to your site and experience a world of products with detailed information from any country around the world. The catch with this is that you must have an enticing email to redirect your customers to your website. Above all, the site should have credible and sufficient information about your details to help potential buyers to make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Guerilla marketing therefore lays emphasis on the relationship you develop with individual customers and not groups. It fervently stresses follow-ups to strengthen relationship. Unlike other conventional marketing approaches, which know nothing but competition, it prioritizes cooperation. Guerrillas know well that profit can only come from existing customers and the most suicidal thing is missing one of these clients who are supposed to refer others to buy your products.

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