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Sample Essay on Indochina Wars

Indochina Wars

The Indochina Wars refer to twentieth century conflicts in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with principal involvement of France from 1946 to 54 then later the US from the start of the 1950s. Often, these wars are known as the Vietnam War and French Indochina War or the 1st and 2nd Indochina Wars. The latter came to an end in April 1975.

The Wars were fought in Southeast Asia and they started from 1946 and lasted till 1989 between the communist Indochinese forces against the South Vietnamese, French, Cambodian, Chinese and Laotian forces. Originally, the term Indochina referred to French Indochina and included current Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam states. In current age, it refers to a geographical region rather than a political one.

There were four wars which included the following:

  • 1st Indochina War-This is also known as the French War or Khang chien chong  Phap in Vietnam and Indochina War in France. It started after Second World War came to an end and lasted till 1954 when the French were defeated. After a long resistance campaign, Viet Minh forces claimed victory after the Vichy and Japanese forces surrounded in the Worth towards the end of the Second World War. During the war, the South was occupied temporarily by British forces that restored French colonial control.
  • The 2nd Indochina Was started as conflict between the US backed South Vietnamese government and the South Vietnamese based communist Viet Cong as well as the North Vietnamese Army (currently known as People’s Army of Vietnam) who were opponents. The War started towards the end of the 1950’s and lasted till 1975 when North Vietnamese came to a peace agreement that ultimately ended the war. The US which has initially supported France backed South Vietnam government to oppose the National Liberation Front and Communist Allied NVA. Financial and military support from China and the Soviet Union benefited the North. In Cambodia, fighting also occurred between the United States backed government, the NVA and communist backed Pathet Lao.
  • Cambodian Vietnamese war-This war followed the 2nd Indochina War. It occurred Cambodia was invaded by Vietnam and the genocidal Khmer Rouge was disposed of. The war started in 1975 May and lasted till 1989 December.
  • Sino-Vietnamese War-This was the shortest war fought in February to March 1979 between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the People’s Republic of China. Chinese invaded Vietnamese as a way of punishing their invasion of Cambodia but they withdrew a month later as a result of prewar positions.

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