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Sample Essay on Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

Israeli–Palestinian conflict is among the longest conflicts of the world. Many people say that having a resolution to this conflict is vital in resolving other conflicts across the Middle East. There are also people who see this conflict as creating a resentment of the Arabs towards the West. The conflict has also been associated with radical terrorism among the Islamic community in the Middle East.

Despite generating massive debate and discussion in the public, few if any forum have inherently maintained non-partisan and impartial approach in trying to understand it. Massive and varying narratives, opinions and facts have been raised about the conflict. This makes understanding the Israeli–Palestinian long standing conflict hard to resolve.

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict started in the 19th century and 20th century. This is because towards the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, two nationalist movements were born among the Arabs and among the Jews. These movements were both aimed at attaining the sovereignty of the Middle East people. Inter-communal violence of Mandatory Palestine brought the conflict between Arabs and Jews since 1920. It erupted to become full-scale hostilities during the civil war of 1947 to 1948. This conflict continues to present day in different levels.

Some people argue that national identify of the Israeli originates from the historic longing and the modern political realization which has instilled a people-hood sense in Palestinians from their indigenous settlement. Despite Palestinians having developed nationalism from a generation that is after Zionism, Christian and Muslim Arabs identifying themselves as Palestinians trace their nationality in the centuries of the continued residence in a land that they refer to as Palestine. Jews call this land Israel. As such, Israeli–Palestinian conflict is attributed to the same land and the conflicting claims have led to bloodshed and mistrust for both sides over the years. This land has caused conflict in the 20th and 21st century.

After the First World War, European powers gave Britain authority to determine the fate of Palestine. In 1937, Britain recommended for the partitioning of Palestine to form two independent states. These were Jewish and Arab states. This was aimed at separating the conflicting Arab and Jewish communities.

However, the Arabs were not satisfied with the proposal and they rejected it. This is because they were not ready to give what they considered as their land to a new colonial power. Thus, the two nationalist movements that were formed in the 19th century have continued to cause conflict in the contemporary Israel and Palestine.

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