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Mass Marketing Strategy

Mass marketing strategy is the technique used to spread marketing message to everyone and anyone who is ready to listen.  In this case, a truckload of general advertising is carried out to the mass market with the hope that some will hit the right target. This type of marketing strategy makes it possible to reach a wide market range.

With a mass marketing strategy, it is possible to achieve maximum product advertising exposure to consumers. The origin of this marketing concept is the latter part of the twentieth century when   new technologies like radio and television became popular. For the first time, it was possible for advertisers to reach wide audience with each advertising message.

Products and services that people wanted or needed could be advertised to a large section of the market through broadcasting. For instance, products that are advertised during national TV programs can reach a high number of consumers throughout the country.

There are several benefits associated with use of mass marketing strategy and some of these include the following:
  • Reach a wide audience-With this kind of marketing, the target audience is broad as such, there is bound to be a high rate of successful hits despite the low probability that a single person might show up.
  • Less risky-If the marketing efforts are concentrated in one area and they are in vain, the eventual loss is far less as when compared to when it is focused on a narrow area.
  • Advertising and marketing research costs are relatively low in cases of mass marketing
  • Higher potential of efficiency of scale and sales volume in a relatively larger market.
  • Cost of production per unit is lower on account of having one product that is run for homogenous product.

As long as products advertised using this strategy are available countrywide, advertising to a large demographic is a great marketing strategy. Consumers who see products that are advertised on television are more likely to buy them as compared to similar products that are sold in stores and which were not promoted.

Showing the actual product to consumers and communicating the benefits they have to offer increases the sale of the products advertised. As these commercials get repeated, it helps by creating brand recognition.

Mass marketing strategy also works  by creating brand loyalty as it reminds consumers the benefits they stand to enjoy by choosing to purchase those products over what is offered by competitors. This marketing strategy is also known as undifferentiated marketing since typical strategies of reaching varying market segments are not used.

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