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Sample Essay on Medieval Ages

Medieval Ages

The Medieval Ages period is one of the most significant periods in European history. It was first known as the middle age period by academics of the fifteenth century and the Italians. The scholars were often stating that the society in which they lived in was highly civilized and had existed for many years.

The society they lived in had also advanced in different ways than the one they used to live in. According to researchers and historic scholars, this could have been true but according to elite society especially the Italians, believed that they only emulated the philosophy of ancient Greece. The Italian society also believed that they emulated art in Greece even though there were no major changes in the country and in Europe.

Historians during the medieval period also used the term middle age as a very convenient way to describe the crucial moment in European history. It has also been proven that the period extended to the 15th century when the full control of Roman Empire had ended. It is during the same period that the modern world had officially begun with new changes in the way of life including change in

  • Work environment
  • Farming industry
  • Health industry
  • Life of nobles and peasants in terms of clothing and costumes

The concept of the new world of the new age had officially commenced across different parts of Europe. This was just after the fall of Roman Empire, its control of the society and the fall of rules set by the empire.

However, with the idea that there were changes across Europe or something new and revolutionary was happening in relation to science, art, science, religion, philosophy and civilization, the changes had a weak foundation. Historians in the fifteenth century also believed that they had to put forward all arbitrary events and dates to contain the medieval period.

The beginning of medieval ages

It was during the 476AD that the rule of Roman Empire came to an end across different parts of Europe. It was during the same date that Roman control over Europe faced rebellions and different uprisings. Finally, sixty years later, Roman armies left Britain.

  • The end of the medieval ages
  • The end of medieval ages was marked by a number of events including
  • The capture of Constantinople in 1453 by the Turks
  • The end of a 100years war between the French and English people in 1453
  • Muslims were also ejected from Spain in 1492
  • The discovery of America by Columbus in 1492 also marked the end of medieval period
  • Protestant reformation also started in 1517

These were very important events that marked the end of the medieval period in Europe. There were also other events and dates ranging from early fifteenth century to the seventeenth century that marked the end of the medieval period. They included the creation of monarchies and growth of Christianity across different parts of Europe.

The medieval age had also consisted of the early middle ages or the dark ages, the late middle ages and the high middle ages. These ages’ complicated matters during the period but came to an end in early seventeenth century.

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