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Sample Essay on Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty

Ming dynasty was also called the Empire of the Great Ming. It is the dynasty that was ruling in China from 1368 to 1644 after the collapse of Yan dynasty that was led by Mongol. Ming dynasty ruled for 276 years. Some historians describe Ming dynasty has having been among the greatest eras during the period of social stability and orderly government in the history of humans.

Ming dynasty was the last dynasty to be ruled by the ethnic Han Chinese. However, Beijing which was its capital fell to the Li Zicheng-led rebellion in 1644. Li Zicheng established Shun dynasty and he was later replaced by Qing dynasty that was led by Manchu. Li Zicheng led regimes that were considered royal to the throne of Ming. They were collectively known as the Southern Ming and they survived till 1662.

During the era of Ming dynasty, development of the Chinese culture was rapid. Chinese literature for instance grew rapidly during the Ming dynasty. Some of the Chinese classical masterpieces that were developed during Ming dynasty include the Outlaws of the Marsh, Journey to the West and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Folk literature also prospered during this era. Some writers who emerged at this time include Zang Dai, Yuan Hangdao, Song Lian and Tang Yin among others. Philosophy was also not left behind and it was at this time when Wang Yangming came up with new thoughts known as the philosophy of mind that established a new wave of thinking helping shape a new trend in the society.

Ming dynasty concentrated in expansion and cultural restoration in its early days. This led to re-establishment of the indigenous Chinese system as the ruling house and the imposition of court-dictated styles in arts. The Ming court recruited painters and instructed them to return to realistic and didactic representation. This was aimed at emulating styles of Southern Ming practiced between 1127 and 1279.

It was also during the Ming dynasty that the feudal system started showing a declining trend. Capitalism started during this era. Both production implements and food output surpassed those of the Yuan and Song dynasties at the time of Ming dynasty. Handcraft industry was also developed rapidly in southern areas during Ming dynasty.

Ming dynasty was also at the forefront in terms of scientific developments. Most ancient scientific books emerged during Ming dynasty including medical books and those of the handicraft industry. There were also major scientific developments that boosted the architecture of china during the era of Ming dynasty.

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