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Sample Essay on Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is a term in internet marketing that is used in reference to a process that is used in testing two or more components of a site in live its environment. Simply put, multivariate testing can be thought of as several A/B tests that are performed in a single page at once.

A/B tests are performed when determining which of the two variations of content is better. Theoretically, multivariate testing can test effectiveness of the limitless combinations. The time taken to acquire computational power and visitors’ sample that is statistically valid are the limits of the variables’ and combinations’ number in multivariate testing.

Thus, while A/B test tests different content in a single visual element of a page, the multivariate testing tests different content of varying elements in more pages in order to identify changes in a combination that can yield better conversion rate. This testing uses a statistical model in testing changes in combinations that yield results in an entirely winning experience.

Multivariate testing is done for a wide range of changes in a website including all components of the offer such as text, images, buttons, links and fonts, layout and content of the landing pages, as well as elements of the processes of a website such as the checkout process. A multivariate test can include 50 or even more combinations.

Multivariate testing begins with the hypothesis of the content changes impacting on the conversion rates. The content changes may be broken down into different individual elements so as to determine the combinations that produce the best conversion rates. Whether significant changes or slight changes to user’s experience, they can have great impact on the overall brand results.

Conversion rate refers to the rate at which the visitors to a website perform the desired action during the test. Such an action can be adding a product to the cart or clicking on the offer. Other metrics that can be used in evaluating test include the revenue of the order. The report of the test indicates the changes that should be combined to give the desired results on the basis of conversion rate.

Currently, multivariate testing is a field in internet marketing that is experiencing high growth because it enables website owners to get the best results from visitors who arrive at their websites. Areas like pay per click as well as search engine optimization draw more visitors to websites.

However, despite these tactics having been used extensively by organizations, multivariate testing is used the most because it helps internet marketers in ensuring that visitors see the right content, offers, layout that convert them into sales and registration that motivate them into taking desired actions.

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