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Sample Essay on Munich Massacre

Munich Massacre

Munich massacre was a terrorist attack that dates back to 1972 during the Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany. The attack was made on eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team taken hostage and killed eventually along with one German police officer. The attack was carried out by Palestinian group known as Black September.

Following that attack, the Israeli government organized retaliation against Black October known as ‘Operation Wrath of God’. Summer Olympics of 1972 was the first time the games were been held in Germany since 1936 when the Nazis hosted the Games. Because of this fact, tensions were high. Israeli athletes and their trainers were the most nervous as many of them had family members who were murdered during the Holocaust while others were survivors of the Holocaust.

During the first couple of days after the commencement of the Games, things went on smoothly. On the 4th of September, the Israeli team went out to see the play, Fiddler on the Roof and went back to the Olympic Village in order to sleep. After 4am on 5th September, as the Israeli athletes were sleeping, 8 members of the Black September group, a Palestinian terrorist organization jumped over the fence of the village.

They headed straight to the 31 Connollystrasse which was the building housing the Israelis. They entered the building and rounded the occupants of apartment one and three. Most of the Israelis fought back and as a result, two of them were killed while others were able to escape out through the windows. However, nine were taken hostage. By 5:30 am, news of the attack had spread across the globe and the police had been alerted. The terrorists then dropped their list of demands which stated that two hundred and thirty four prisoners should be released from two German prisons and Israeli prisons by 9am.

Negotiators managed to extend the deadline to noon then they moved it to 1pm, then 3pm and finally 5pm. The terrorists refused to go back on their demands while Israeli refused to meet the demands. Because of this, confrontation became inevitable. The terrorists at 5pm realized their demands would not be met and made a request for two planes which would fly them and the hostages to Cairo, Egypt where they hoped their demands would be met.

German officials agreed to this but they knew they could not let the terrorists leave the country. Eventually, a gunfight ensued and the terrorists decided to kill all the hostages. Three terrorists survived and they were taken into custody. Not more than 2 months later, the three surviving terrorists were released by the German government after a plane was hijacked by to other members of Black September who threatened the plane would be blown up unless they were released.

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