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Sample Essay on Oslo Accords

Oslo Accords

Oslo Accords refers to bilateral agreements that were signed in Washington after the negotiations that in some parts were a clandestine between the Palestine Liberal Organization and Israel. The agreements were signed in two phases. In 1993 first agreement was signed in Oslo making the Oslo I Accord and in 1995 another accord; the Oslo II Accord was signed in Taba.

The title of the agreement that was signed by PLO and Israel was Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements. The main concern of the declaration was the withdrawal of Israel from Judea, Gaza strip and Samaria territories to allow for the establishment of Palestinian Authority of self-government and an interim duration until the establishment of the arrangements.

The process started in January 1993 at a meeting involving two Israelis, Dr. Ron Pundak and Dr. Yair Hirschfeld as well as the representatives of the Palestinians headed by Abu Alaa aka Ahmed Qurei. Norwegian mediators facilitated the contact between the two sides. The mediators started by contacting Dr. MK Yossi Beilin. After a while, Beilin was appointed to be the deputy of the foreign affairs minister. He officially acknowledged the talks but he said that they were unofficial. Beilin updated the foreign affairs minister, Shimon Peres after first meeting of January. Yitzhak Robin the Prime minister was informed about the talks by Shimon Peres in the beginning February.

From the initial stages of the talks, both parties negotiated the withdrawal of Israel from Gaza as well as the transfer of the economic responsibilities in Samaria and Judea to Palestinians. The first draft of this declaration was composed between February and March. Abu Alaa told Hirschfeld to avoid including Jerusalem subject in the agreement in April consensus of the Palestinians.

However, he asked for official recognition of Jerusalem in these negotiations. Peres and Rabin conceded that talks should continue with representation of the government officials by Uris Savir, the Director General of Ministry of the Foreign Affairs. In June, Yosel Singer, who had served in the unit of the Military Advocate General and appointed to be the legal advisor of the Foreign Affairs ministry, joined the talks.

Savir, Hirschfeld, Pundak and Singer conducted the Olso talks. They did this while consulting and reporting to Beilin, the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mordechai Gur, the Deputy Minister of Defense and Avi Gil the Deputy Foreign minister. The new declaration draft was formulated by Singer with the consent of Rabin forwarded to Palestinians in June. Rabin contacted Yasser Arafat, the chairman of the PLO and a mutual recognition debated unofficially in July with official recognition realized in August with Peres and Rabin’s consent.

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