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Sample Essay on Political Factors Affecting Airline Industry

Political Factors Affecting Airline Industry

The airline industry has been of great impact to the global market. Today, it is easy to move from one country to another, region to another and one continent to another. Through the airline industry, it has been easy to revel in great air transport services for travelling passengers and freight. Despite the rapid growth and development of airline sector, political factors have had great impact on its operations.

For many years, the airline industry has survived chiefly through state support in form of equity or subsides. The airline market has been hit by many calamities now and then and it has cumulated loss during its 100-years history. The uncontrolled intervention of the government in the airline industry has been seen as the part of the broader political consensus in strategic means of transport such as railways and highways.

Today, large airlines are privately owned and thus governed by microeconomic principles to make use of stakeholder profits. The airline industry is affected by many factors that are beyond its control. Political factors are known to impact the industry extensively. Plane crashes, collapse of an airline business venture or conflicts in the sector are all political.  Understanding these political factors can aid many nations develop or improve their airline market. Here are common political factors affecting the airline industry;

  1. Political instability- Political instability can be ethnic tension, all-out war or tribalism. Needless to say, countries that have been affected by long-term political conflicts have little chance of developing regardless of the investments they make.  Politics have also led to rumbling ethnic divides that are a constant distraction to the airline industry regardless of the number of clients it can serve.
  2. Trade laws- Changes in trade laws and regulations are always politically steered. There are numerous organizations that command the airline industry globally. Any changes in the governmental aviation laws will instantly affect this business. In a sense, the airline sector has been left to be run by many rich nations and they have more power and voice on the airline industry trading rules than any other individual government.
  3. Corruption- Countries where corruption is the talk of the day can be frustrating and disheartening in terms of investment or on any other money bring prospect. Corruption has thrilled in the airline sector for many years and it is quite off-putting to denounce it. Poor standards, low wages and low income in most of the airlines in the world have pushed corruption into another untamable level despite many efforts to cut-loose this vile act.
  4. Poor management- Bad governments can be blamed for slow growth of airline sector in some parts of the globe. Governments need to do a lot in order to push development and better services in the airline industry.  Governments need to build better airports and maintain better infrastructures. Spending should also be taken wisely and laws and regulations should be set to govern the airline industry. Policy making is a political activity that every government or organization should take serious and guarantee development.

The airline industry as gained a lot of attention with the passage of time. The political factors affecting this industry are many, but through politics many people have become aware of what happening in the airline sector. Airline industry is a core contributor to economy and government and concerned organizations should work together and foresee its success.

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