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Sample Essay on Product Positioning Strategy

Product Positioning Strategy

Product positioning strategy refers to the techniques used to present a service or product to a consumer in a manner that communicates its value effectively. When reviewing the aspect of product positioning through a lens of jobs-to be-done, it is best to communicate the value of the product to consumers by:

  • Explain how the product will help them execute functional job better rather than competing
  • Explain how the product or service satisfies emotional jobs associated with getting functional job done.

There are different positioning strategies to choose from and it is crucial to choose one that will benefit the services or products offered by your company. In order to make an excellent choice, it is advisable to take a logical approach when choosing a positioning strategy.

  • Functional positions-These solve problems and also provide benefits to consumers. For instance, glass cleaners help get glass surfaces clean.
  • Symbolic position- If the glass cleaner is made from ingredients that are environment friendly, it will appeal to the values of the consumer.
  • Experiential-If the glass cleaner has a fragrance that is fresh, it offers the consumer sensory stimulation

There are product positions that use all the three categories mentioned above in order to develop sustainable advantage. Basically, there are different positioning strategies and they can include any of the following:

  • By quality or price-Both Costco and Tiffany sell diamonds. Tiffany wants consumers to believe they are selling diamonds that are of high quality while Costco tells consumers that diamonds are diamonds and there is no need to pay the prices at Tiffany.
  • By benefit or attribute-This is the most used positioning strategy simply because it works and turns potential customers into clients. For instance, consumers might settle for a lighter beer because it tastes great or is less filling. Others might choose toothpaste because of its tartar control or mint taste.
  • By service class or product-Mercedes and BMW compare themselves to each other as such, segmenting the market to one of the crème de la crème of the automobile industry. Chevy and Ford don’t apply.
  • By application or use-Apple computer users are able to use graphics and design more easily than with UNIX or Windows. Apple positions computers based on how they are going to be used.
  • By service class or product- Margarine competes as the best alternative to butter. Margarine has been positioned at a low cost and as the healthier alternative to butter while butter provides wholesome ingredients and better taste.

Product positioning is all about what the consumer believes rather than what provides want them to believe. It can change as a result of counter measures which are taken by competitors. in order to maintain product positioning, it is important to understand the customer and the competition as well.

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