Effects of Cold War on Asia

Sample Essay on Relationship Marketing Strategy

Relationship Marketing Strategy

Relationship marketing strategy refers to the maintenance of customer profile, history of contacts and buying patterns in a sales database. It also involves the assignment of one or more account executives to major customers in order to fulfill their needs and maintain relationships.

At first, relationship marketing was defined as a type of marketing that is developed from the direct response of marketing campaigns that emphasizes on customer satisfaction and retention. Relationship marketing is different from other marketing strategies because it recognizes long term value of building strong customer relationships that goes beyond the simple customer service data and demographic.

It extends to include PR, marketing efforts, application development and social media. This marketing strategy provides an effective way of marketing products and services as it helps create strong relationships with existing customers. It also helps lead to greater client experience within the company.

 There are different types of relationship marketing strategies and some of the most reliable ones include the following:


Every business owner knows the importance and value of referrals. However if referrals are not institutionalized, it is highly likely to miss the opportunity of asking the right person for introductions

Client events

This is another effective strategy for relationship marketing and one that makes the most confident professionals squirm. Yet, such events can be beneficial and they range from seminars to appreciation dinners and family barbecues. These are valuable and often, easier to host than most business people think.

Quality websites

A website that is well designed is important for the modern day business. It is an extension of the brand created by the company. Existing clients visit the firm’s website to find information while prospective ones visit the website to decide whether they are interested in working with your company. Presenting your services and values in a meaningful and clear manner is of great importance. It is the most powerful marketing tool as such the website should be designed by a professional.

Client communication

How many times should a firm communicate with clients in a given year? Experts say this should be done at least sixty three times and while it sounds like a lot, it actually helps build the company and retain loyal customers. Communication channel chosen should engage the customer in order to get a clear picture of what their expectations are.

The key principle of relationship marketing strategy is customer retention through different practices and resources for purposes of ensuring repeated trade with the preexisting customers by meeting their requirements.

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