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Roosevelt Corollary

In every nation, the president has the mandate to make and amend certain rules or policies. For President Theodore Roosevelt, the famous corollary [a statement that trails a previous statement], the Roosevelt Corollary is one of the many things that he is known for. It was a corollary to Monroe Doctrine articulated in 1904 in his State of Union Address following the Venezuela crisis in 1902 to 1903. In the corollary, Roosevelt states that the United States will intervene in battles between Latin American nations and European countries to impose sincere claims of European powers, but not let the nations impose their claims directly.

For many years, the Monroe doctrine was a dead document, but when Theodore Roosevelt ascended to presidency, he decided to reiterate the Monroe old declaration.  The Monroe Doctrine was a United States foreign policy concerning Latin American nations in the 19th century. It stated that any further efforts by European countries to lay claim to land or interfere with operations in North or South America they will be seen as acts of aggression and U.S will intervene. The doctrine was stated by President James Monroe during the State of the Union Address to congress.

Roosevelt restated the Monroe Doctrine, claiming that in keeping with the doctrine, the United States is justified to exercise international police power as an exceptional way of ending unrest and transgressions in the western hemisphere. For the Roosevelt corollary, it justified Americans intentions of preventing any acts throughout the hemisphere. The Monroe doctrine had sought to curb any European interference.

The Roosevelt corollary was a great piece that was supposed to be an inclusion to the Monroe Doctrine. Nevertheless, may saw it as a withdrawal from the doctrine. European countries were to remain across the Atlantic while America would secure the Western Hemisphere.  The new doctrine by President Roosevelt was put into practice in 1905 when the Dominican republic was about to be attacked by European debtors. During this juncture, United States took advantage and invaded the island nation seizing all its custom houses and ruled the nation as a protectorate until things went back normal and there were no more threats.

The new doctrine or the Roosevelt corollary had great impact to Americans and its subjects. In a sense, the effects of the new doctrine were enormous. Theodore Roosevelt motto; “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”, influenced many things in the world. To Roosevelt, the big stick meant the new American army that would easily defend the territory and avoid war at the same time.

The Latin America nations were not down with the Roosevelt corollary and felt bitter about U.S involvement in the Yankee Imperialism [American imperialism] – the economic, cultural and military influence of U.S on other nations. These nations also hated United States animosity on other countries. Evidently, by the 20th century, U.S had sent many troops to invade Latin America and this created undisputed range of influence on the hemisphere.

During the Russia-Japan war, Roosevelt offered to intervene and the two sides met with Roosevelt in Portsmouth and a treaty was arranged. Japanese community did not fall for the arrangement as many people felt that they should have been awarded more than provided and anti-American riots erupted.  Despite all this, Theodore Roosevelt was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his unmatched efforts.

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