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Sample Essay on Russian revolution Timeline

Russian revolution Timeline

Russian revolution timeline shows when different events occurred during the Russian revolution. The revolution occurred in 197 and it led to deposition of czar during the February revolution. Bolsheviks took over power during the October revolution. After they won the Russian civil war, Bolsheviks established the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1922.

Nevertheless, events of the Russian revolution unfolded in a timeline. However, the timeline of this revolution has always been confusing because until the February of 1918, Russia has been using a different calendar with the rest of Western World. During the 19th century, Russia was using the Julian calendar. This was behind with 12 days from the Gregorian calendar that most of the countries in the Western World were using. On 1st March 1900, this calendar became behind with the Gregorian calendar with 13 days.

This timeline of the Russian revolution is based on the Julian or Old style calendar and the New Style of the Gregorian calendar.

Russian revolution timeline in dates

Several events took place in at different times leading to the establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics. These were as follows:

1887: On May 8th or May 20th NS, Alexander Ulyanov who was a brother to Lenin was hanged for a plot to kill Alexander II the Czar.

1894: On 20th October or November 1st NS, Czar Alexander the III suffered a sudden illness and he died. Nicholas II, his son was declared the new Russian ruler.

In the same year on 14th November or 26th November in NS calendar, Czar Nicholas II got married to Alexandra Fedorovna.

1895: On 8th December or 20th December, Lenin was arrested and kept in a solitary confinement for thirteen months after which he was exiled for three years to Siberia.

1896: On 14th May or 26th May NS, Nicholas II is crowned as the Russian Czar.

1903: On 17th July or 10th August NS, Social Democratic Labor Party split into Bolsheviks or the majority and Mensheviks or the minority in a meeting.

1904: On 30th July or 12th August, Czarina Alexandra delivers a baby boy after having four girls.

1905: On 9th January or January 22nd NS, Russian revolution starts at St. Petersburg and the revolution is brought to an end by the issuance of October Manifesto.

1906: On 23rd April or May 6th NS, A constitution is made that reflects the promises of the manifesto

1915: On 5th September or 18th September NS, Czar Nicholas II becomes the supreme army commander

1917: February 23rd to 27 the February revolution starts with mutinies, strikes and demonstrations and continued with eventual establishment of Provisional Government after abdication of Czar Nicholas II and then later the October revolution starts on 25th October and the Bolsheviks take control.

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