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Sample Essay on The World’s Most Ethical Companies: Noerthumbrian Water Group

The World’s Most Ethical Companies: Noerthumbrian Water Group


The Noerthumbrian Water Group was recognized by Ethosphere Institute in 2013, as one of the best ethical companies. It was the third year for the company to be honored for its role in promoting universal ethical standards.  The Noerthumbrian Water Group emerged the winner in a competitive list of nominees by developing, implementing and promoting business initiatives that are vital for the success of the company and to the benefit of the community.

As witnessed in many undertaking areas, the company operates in different ways that are responsible for its employees, consumers and the environment. The company currently has been endorsed as a leading Integrated Environmental Practices service provider in Britain (Ferrell2013, p.345). The company which is based in UK offers comprehensive waste and water management services including recycling, treatment and delivery services. This shows the company’s commitment to social corporate responsibility in its operations.

For businesses to be considered socially responsible in many countries there are many reporting and auditing strategies on social and environment that must be carried out efficiently. The Ethosphere Institute among other scholars through this has offered a clear report on several Water Management scores as one of the best in CRS main areas. The report also provides a very clear and holistic view of the company performance in environmental, social and economic parameters.


Noerthumbrian Water Group according to several studies is one of the largest solution providers attending to over 20 million people in the United Kingdom. The company has also merged efforts with communities and clients to help reduce and manage water resources wastage. The company is committed to providing and developing a new water management solution to help organizations and communities achieve their conventional methods of living.

What’s more, the entire water management system is integrated to meet distinct needs of each and every group. In 2012, documentary evidence revealed that it operated with 1000 companies and more than 200 civil societies to help deliver water services to more than 3000 communities overburdened with water shortages. Being one of the latest British residential water management companies, it anticipated to manage more than 70million liters of water by the year 2030, thus creating a safer and cleaner living environment.

Using the collected water, the company has efficiently managed more than 124 irrigation and power generating companies thus producing sufficient energy to serve more than 700, 000 homes in Britain. Additionally, its ability to produce 60000 megawatts of hydroelectric energy has benefit citizens of Britain because it has been effectively used for domestic and industrial purposes across Britain (Ferrell, p. 345).


Financial and educational Benefits

Many reports over the past years have indicated that the Noerthumbrian Water Group Company has utilized educational and financial incentives to promote its ethical standards towards its employees. It is a financial responsibility that has enabled the company to build employee capacity to match global standards, thus reducing the risk of having unskilled workforce and enhancing professionalism.

Financial incentives including monetary donations, mortgage and overtime payments have also been utilized to motivate employees and to attract qualified personnel to the company. This has further enabled the company to achieve its objectives and goals thus, implementing and developing its strategic plan within the shortest time possible for company growth and to become the world’s leading ethical companies (Robbins, 2001 p. 457).

The companies have also capitalized in employee diversity and it ensuring qualified personnel from different races, gender and cultures. This is a move that has enhanced cohesion within company employees through mutual understanding and interactions (Robbins, 2001 p 458).


Research evidence portray clearly that the Noerthumbrian Water Group Company equips its employees with wide-ranging social services encompassing all health related issues, family retirement benefits scheme and capacity building. It is therefore quite evident that the company is truly committed to offering prompt healthcare services as it covers different areas including retiree medical package, disability management and drug description.

The company also sponsors and trains qualified employees for further studies on environmental health. Additionally to increase employee motivation, the company also offers a paid vacation package (Bennison 1997, p 24). These are specifically designed to ensure employees have the right energy, confidence, certainty and high morale.

Corporate share value

The Noerthumbrian Water Group companies as documented in different reports, has employed the share value method to archive their success annually. It strongly believes in a healthy society to a working nation kind of relationship. As a result, it has enabled them to act responsibly with different stakeholders as well as the broader environment.

The company through well-coordinated strategies offers strategies and insights on corporate social issue. It is a move that has enabled the company to continue creating opportunities for tax revenues, wealth and philanthropy (Epstein, 2008 p. 236).

The Environment

The company believes that treatment of water as well as recycling systems is long term and most suitable methods for industrial and domestic water management. Because of this, the company presently manages up to 14 thousand water projects that recycle and treat water throughout the year. This kind of mechanism therefore, reduces water shortages that can easily result into water pollution (Epstein, 2008 p. 234).

Similarly, the company has added another bulk of more than one million liters design project to help increase one stream handling and reprocessing source area. The recycling stream area also plays a crucial role in making water treatment simple because it delivers an average of more than 56 percent of industrial and domestic water.

It has also employed advanced technologies in treatment and recycling of water including optical scanners, screens and magnates that help to automate recyclables sorting. It is a technological advancement that clearly portrays the company’s commitment in making productive and efficient treatment as well as recycling across Britain (Robbins, 2001 p. 457).

Water Treatment and Recycling Campaign

The company over the years has regarded Water Treatment and Recycling Campaign (WTRC) as a very strong means of environmental protection method. It has also realized the most ideal way to increase water and environmental conservation is create awareness amongst residents of the advantages of efficient recycling strategies (Bennison, 1997, p 24).

The company has also combined efforts with other stakeholders including UNEP to spread the message of water and environmental conservation. The purpose of such a campaign is to create awareness of efficient water and environmental preservation (Robbins, 2001 p. 457).

Weaknesses and Recommendation

The company according to economical evidence on cross benefit analysis of its corporate social economical responsibility is relatively poor compared to that of its competitors. It is therefore quite evident that vital financial statistics may not be necessarily impressive.

Additionally, the WM returns equity graph offers clear evidence that the company has only succeeded by 54 percent. This kind of profile therefore portrays that if promptly managed, it may not necessarily achieve a competitive advantage of its explored resources (Robbins, 2001, p. 457).






Figure 1 WM Returns Equity Graph

The Noerthumbrian Water Group as displayed on the WM Returns Equity Graph posted unsatisfactory results in the last 8 years of its cost of operation. Similarly, it has not exceeded equity returns thus creating a very limited margin. The margin is known to be inappropriate for the company. Research Studies have also noted that increasing labor prices and water treatment costs are the main reasons behind low retunes (Epstein, 2008. P 234).

Research studies also strongly recommend that the Noerthumbrian Water Group Company requires an ideal strategic water and environmental management strategy that is capable of providing new water management solutions. This is to help organizations and the society at large to achieve their objectives and goals. Such environmental methods should be coupled with different economic strategies to help the company achieve good returns as they further their mandate of offering quality corporate social responsibility as well as water and environmental conservation (Robbins, 2001 p, 456).

In conclusion, it is quite evident from this report that the Noerthumbrian Water Group Company Management has made great efforts to ensure environmental justice prevails in its entire practice period in Britain, in the water treatment and reprocessing industry. Even so, it is still facing some challenges including balancing the economy towards ethical values provision to the society.

Therefore, there is need to adopt the right policies to help address the two issues and in the most reasonable way.




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