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Sample Essay on Undifferentiated Marketing Strategy

Undifferentiated Marketing Strategy

Undifferentiated marketing strategy is a marketing strategy where a business ignores market differences and makes an attempt to appeal to the entire market with a particular marketing strategy and product line. It treats all potential buyers or existing buyers as homogenous group. Another term that also means undifferentiated marketing is mass marketing.

Businesses can benefit from this marketing strategy in several ways. Undifferentiated marketing strategy does not require same research level into the tastes of consumers as compared to other forms of marketing.

Instead of coming up with different strategies for marketing that suit different consumer segments or even coming up with  different products for varying groups, this strategy reaches all potential buyers though use of the same marketing strategy. In this manner, undifferentiated marketing will treat all segments of the population in the same manner and the strategy used is also aimed at appealing to as many people as possible.

With undifferentiated marketing strategy, a business is also confident that it will not fail to reach a target market that is interested in the service or product been sold. The strategy is also suitable for marketing a service or product intended to be profitable on the basis of quantity sales rather than high price or high mark-ups.

Often, this is applicable to products that meet some of the most common needs like transport, food or clothing. If undifferentiated is carried out in a successful manner, it can lead to a service or product being well established such that it dominates a large section of the market and also becomes synonymous with the market.

Undifferentiated marketing strategy has its own set of drawbacks though. Some of these include wastefulness and in some cases, it can also lead to lose of focus. This is because it keeps the marketing message general and this is oftentimes hard to resonate with the target market. The service or product can appear to be generic or with few clear benefits compared to rivals in a similar market.

Unless the service or product fulfills general needs, undifferentiated marketing strategy can mean use of large amounts of money and the effort that goes into reaching the target audience can have little or no impact in convincing them they need the product.

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