United Kingdom Healthcare System

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United Kingdom Healthcare System

United Kingdom healthcare system, also known as the National Health Service was established after the Second World War. It became operational on July 5th 1948. Today, this healthcare system has grown rapidly to join the largest healthcare systems across the world. United Kingdom has a devolved healthcare system. This implies that Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland have their own publicly and privately funded healthcare systems.

Each region in the United Kingdom has different priorities and policies which have led to differences in the systems. However, each country in the United Kingdom offers healthcare to permanent residents in the UK. This healthcare is free and is paid through general taxation. Additionally, each country has a vibrant private healthcare sector although smaller in comparison to the public sector.

Private healthcare is acquired through private health insurance that is funded through employer health insurance schemes or paid by the customer directly. However, this provision may be restricted to individuals with certain conditions such as HIV/AIDS.

Considering both the private and public healthcare sectors, the World Health Organization ranked the United Kingdom at position 15 in healthcare provision in Europe. The UK was ranked at position 18 globally. The ranking was done in 2000. A recent report by the Mirror which is funded by the Common Wealth ranked the UK at position 2 overall. The survey included 7 healthcare systems in the first world.

The United Kingdom healthcare system has its goals. They include keeping the people of the UK healthy while reducing inequalities in health and access to healthcare. It also aims at preventing and providing treatment to the sick. Stakeholders in the healthcare system in the United Kingdom believe that good health entails economic, social as well as environmental factors like deprivation, housing, education and nutrition. As such, the health care system is committed to working with different sectors to intervene both before and after ill-health.

According to experts, United Kingdom healthcare system has been successful because it avail appropriate information to the population. Healthcare system in the United Kingdom use information as a way of improving service delivery. Individuals in the UK have access to health information from the system. The system is also generating new information about developments in genetics and science. For instance, the system offers information about the possibilities of prevention of certain diseases and their treatment.

Through the United Kingdom healthcare system, technologies in the healthcare and medical fields are developed and harnessed to benefit the society by availing them to everyone.

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Sample Essay on United Kingdom Healthcare System

United Kingdom Healthcare System United Kingdom healthcare system, also known as the National Health Service was established...Read More

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