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Viral Marketing

Do viruses exist in business? If you thought viruses only exist in plants and animals, then you are wrong. Viral marketing is a strategy used to encourage recipients of an advertising message to pass it on, increasing its exposure and influence. Like viruses in human bodies, these strategies to focus on multiplying message exposure to reach thousands and millions. In the absence of the internet, viral marketing is commonly known as word of mouth, network marketing, or creating a buzz, among other phrases. Thus, viral marketing is a common term used online.

It is worth noting that some viral marketing approaches work better than others do. This implies that they have varying ability to ensure that you achieve the best. Six elements are essential in making viral marketing a successful tool. Even though a viral marketing plan needs not to capture all the elements, the more they appear, the better the results.

The first element is giving away precious products. Here, the commonest word is “free.” Most viral marketing initiatives give free products to win the attention of customers. While cheap and inexpensive also generate interest among customers, marketing experts opine that free in the crow of all. It is faster and you are likely to see results almost instantly. However, viral marketing utilizes delayed satisfaction. This is because it may not generate instant profit for the business but lays the ground for future profit making opportunities. The give away something to sell something therefore requires that the advertiser is patient enough to wait for the results.

The second element is easy transfer of the message to other customers. Viruses move from person to person when the movement is devoid of any strain. The channel of communication must be easy to use and duplicate the message without any change in the message. The internet offers the best option for viral marketing because it offers instant and cheap solutions. With the advancement in technology, copy and paste have become household words and they are important in executing viral marketing messages.

Thirdly, the method must have the capacity to scale from small to large effortlessly. Nonetheless, the virus should not multiply to destroy the host, as both are important in achieving desired results. Any successful model therefore must be easily scalable. Fourthly, viral marketing model should focus on ordinary motivations and attributes. The best strategy is that which utilizes common motivations among human beings. When developing a message, ensure that it captures people’s most revered behaviors and societal motivations. This will allow quick transmission as the target audience will identify with the message in its entirety.

The fifth element is the need to make use of existing communication channels. Networks among people are important as everyone has varying number of links depending on their position in the society. You get networks depending on the people you interact with in the society. You can therefore develop online networks and share your marketing messages with such individuals or groups of interested customers. Above all, use existing networks for rapid multiplication of messages. The last element is making use of others’ resources to get your word heard. This could be through affiliate programs or placing your message on other people’s websites. Here, you deplete someone’s resources to reach your target audience.

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