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Sample Essay on Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising has become increasingly popular over the past years. It is an activity that involves creation and development of three dimensional displays and floor plans to maximize sales.

Different products and services can be displayed in visual merchandising. By doing so, it becomes easy to highlight their unique features and benefit. The main purpose of visual merchandising is to engage, attract and motivate clients towards making a purchase and at a good price. It is also commonly used in trade shows and in retail stores.

The history of visual merchandising

Visual merchandising has come a long way. In the nineteenth century, Marshall Field & Co shifted their wholesale businesses to retail. There was immense need for display of goods that the company dealt with for it to attract new customers. Store windows were therefore used to effectively attract clients. It was indeed a very effective way of marketing the store’s merchandise.

Over time, the design used for visual merchandising was aesthetic. This was aimed at creating a lasting impact in the minds of target prospects. From window displays indoors, the store adopted visual merchandising as its main mode of advertisement. It became a very crucial part of the store’s interior design. In the long run, the store among others decided to use display windows in most of their suburban malls.

In the 20th century, Andy Warhol and Salvado Dali became the first artists to create the best window displays. In early 21st century, visual merchandising became very effective and a popular mode of advertisement. It became a major business promotion tool. It was used by many businesses to attract clients and increase their sales tremendously.

Visual merchandising techniques

There are different techniques and elements used for visual merchandising. They include space, lighting, color, sensory products such as sound, smell, touch and product information. Interactive installations can also be used effectively for visual merchandising.

It is also essential to note that visual merchandising builds effectively upon the retail design of a store. It is one of the stages that are used in the final stages of visual merchandising to ensure that target prospects find the products appealing and attractive.

Methods that can be used with elements of visual merchandising include face and side presentations, color and style as well as symmetry and rhythm.

Additionally, there are different tools of visual merchandising. A floor map is an essential tool for successful visual merchandising. It helps any merchandiser to find the most ideal place for color stories of footwear and clothes in a shop and different garments.

Shelving is also an important technique used in visual merchandising. It is a technique that helps a merchandiser and a client to evaluate a product effectively. In many cases, it is used when a product is folded. Such a product will often take time to expand. It is also a good technique that helps clients with psychological fear of unfolding the product to learn of its features and benefits.

Therefore, despite the fact that visual merchandising is an effective marketing and advertisement strategy, it is essential to use the right element and method to make the most of your investment.

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