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Sample essay on Wheel of Consumer Analysis

Wheel of Consumer Analysis

The Wheel of Consumer Analysis is a flexible tool that can help in understanding consumers and developing marketing strategies at various levels. The situation of consumer behavior can be analyzed in terms of four elements that are factored into the wheel. These four elements include affect, cognition, behavior and environment. Affect refers to a person’s feelings about stimuli and events. One thing that should be noted is that affective responses vary in evaluation. Cognition on the other hand, refers to one’s thinking. The knowledge structure involves the responses of different people to the environment like knowledge that customers have obtained from their experience and have preserved in their memories.

The other element, behavior refers to the physical actions of consumers that can be directly monitored and measured by others. Environment means everything that is external to consumers and influences their way of thinking, feelings and do. These can include social stimuli like the actions of other people in cultures, social classes among others. Besides, it can also comprise of other physical stimuli like stores, advertisements, products and signs that can impact the components of the wheel of consumer analysis.

The reason why this tool is referred to as a wheel is because it keeps rotating together with the shifts in the consumers and marketing strategies. Marketing strategy acts as the central point because all the marketing activities occurred here and it is designed by marketing firms to aid in influencing the three elements in the wheel. However, it is unlikely that marketing strategy always has an influence on consumers. At times, consumers act in a way that leads to changes in the marketing strategy.

For any marketing organization, marketing strategy is important because marketing strategy have got the muscle to effect changes on the thoughts, feelings and actions of consumers towards present or proposed products or brands that are available in the market. When in the process of developing marketing strategies, the marketer needs to put into consideration the other elements that are involved like the affect, behavior, environment of consumers. Besides, it is also important for the marketer to understand the relationships that exist between these three elements for the development of effective and successful marketing strategies.

When studying the wheel of consumer analysis, the marketing strategy should also come in handy based on its significant role and importance in the behavior of consumers. From the consumer analysis perspective, a marketing strategy refers to a set of stimuli that are positioned in the environments of consumers and designed to impact their affect, cognition, and behavior. From this view, the importance of environments is highlighted as the main cause of shifts other elements. The stimuli of consumer environments can include a variety of things like the name of the brand, packaging, products, stores, methods used in sales promotion among other sensory cues. The marketing strategy should involve a continuous process of conducting research and analysis of consumers and development, implementation of concepts.

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