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Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution brought the long reign of the Russian tsars to an end by creating the communist Soviet Union. The term Russia revolution is used collectively to describe the revolutions that occurred in a series destroying the Tsarist autocracy. The revolution led to the deposition and replacement of the Tsar by a provisional government in February 1917.

The first revolution according to the Julian calendar that was being used in Russia at that time took place in February 1917. In the Gregorian calendar, the revolution occurred in March. This revolution led to the creation of a Provisional Government. The second revolution took place in October and it led to the replacement of the Provisional Government with the Bolshevik government. Bolshevik government was communistic.

February revolution or March 1917 revolution focused on the Petrograd which is the current St. Petersburg. However, both revolutions swept across Russia and they were historical because they ended centuries of an imperial reign. They also set social and political motions that would bring changes in Russia leading to formation of Soviet Union.

Chronic shortages of food and civil unrests were some of the causes of a revolt. They forced Nicholas II to be abducted between 1868 and 1918. Nicholas II was the last czar in Russia. After a few months, the newly established provisional government was overthrown by the radical Bolsheviks under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin.

As at 1917, Russian citizens had lost confidence in the ability of Czar Nicholas II to lead the country. Corruption was rampant in the government. The economy of Russia was lagging behind and Nicholas dissolved the parliament repeatedly for opposing his will.

Nevertheless, this was not the actual immediate cause of a revolution in February. The actual cause of the February revolution was the involvement of Russia in the First World War which was disastrous. The military capability of Russia could not match that of the industrialized Germany. Russia had more casualties than any other country that was involved in previous wars.

Additionally, the costly effects of the war disrupted the Russian economy. This caused the moderates to join radical elements in Russia calling for Czar Nicholas to be overthrown. Activities of the radicals encouraged people to start demonstrating in the streets of Russian capital.

Huge crowds of striking workers and protestors clashed with the police but they could not get out of the streets. Police stations were destroyed by irate mobs and workers. Several deputies were elected to the Soviet and workers’ committees from several industries following a model that was devised in the revolution of 1905.

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