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Social Science Essay on Phenomenology


Phenomenology refers to a philosophical study that entails structure consciousness and experience from a personal point of view. It is mainly involved with the study of structures and systematic reflection with the phenomena being experienced in acts of consciousness. This subject represents a historical movement that involves a philosophical tradition which was launched in the half of the 20th century by Edmund Husserl (Lewis & Staehler, 2010). According to the movement, phenomenology was a proper foundation for all forms of philosophy and constitutes the central tradition of the European philosophy. Phenomenology studies different kinds of experience structurally including memory, thoughts, imagination, volition and even emotions to the awareness, desire, social activities like linguistics and other related actions of the body. The structures of these forms undergo evolution through a typical direct contact with the property of consciousness (Lewis & Staehler, 2010). Phenomenology is useful in some important background conditions that humans go through.

Phenomenology came into the limelight through the works of Edmund Husserl and ince then, it has been applied in some phenomenological cases in writing, especially those that were done in the 20th century (Lewis & Staehler, 2010). The case has made references to the state of the consciousness of philosophers in their works through various phenomenology mediated scenarios. Philosophers who analyze the mind have also applied phenomenology as a historical movement by addressing matters consciousness and internationality. Their efforts have positively contributed to the facilitation of the rediscovery of phonological issues with regards to internationality, mental representation, sensory experience, context of thought and intentional content (Toombs, 2001). Based on the assertions of Husserl and the philosophers who came after him, phenomenology entails an aspect of the integration of significant kind of logical psychology. Hence, it enhances the development of an analytical psychology through description and analysis of the various kinds of subjective experiences or mental actions especially those of consciousness.




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