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Social work and Humanities Essay on Community Helping Process

Community Helping Process


It is imperative to understand community helping process because it is a crucial step towards implementing change in the community to help address different issues facing the population. This understanding is vital for persons, organizations and groups offering human and social services in the community because it enables them to have essential proficiencies that make the process successful.

This paper offers a summary of the community helping process functional to a case study. The process starts with identification of a problem, planning development, community participation, and implementation and finally assessing the efficiency of the process. It also offers a reflection of the helping process by indicating the effectiveness in solving community issues. Community helping process also needs to be systematic when carried out in phases.

Community participation and empowerment process is also a significant part of the community helping process. To address a problem successfully, agents of change call for proper understanding of community helping process including all essential proficiencies and phases.

Community Helping Process

Lopez-Baez and Paylo (2009), case study investigation offers an insight into community helping process. It also highlights vital steps that social workers can implement to ensure their social intervention deeds are successful. The article also demonstrates that the community helping process starts with identification of a problem. At this stage, change agents in the community helping process recognizes an existing issue in the community and afterwards, tries to link it with a broader system that maintains or sustains it.

The system may also include economic, social and environmental conditions identified as the factors causing the identified problem. Being the reason behind a problem, they prevent community development and growth efforts and as a result, there is need for agents to participate in the process to help enhance the situation.

The second stage of the community helping process involves enticing members that there is urgent need for change to help address the issue. This is often achieved through delivery and data interpretation to clearly demonstrate the severity of the issue in the community and effects that the community is likely to experience whenever they fail to address the issue. The phase often aims at seeking the help of the community in initiating the desired transformations.

The third phase of the community helping process after getting support from the community entails identification of other vital stockholders to support the community helping process. Getting other stakeholders on board adds different perspectives to correct problem identification. This may include identification as to whether the issue is a common trend or a onetime incident that can be addressed via a systematic approach.

Together with the community, change agent and relevant stakeholders helps to create collective vision to guide in realization of the needed change.

Additionally, change agent in the fourth phase helps in identification of sources of social and political influence in the community. This includes powerful individuals or institutions in the community that have authority and power to ensure the implemented change in the community helping process is durable. In other cases, it may involve empowering the community via different activities including training to help enhance their ability to implement, enhance and sustain change.

The fifth phase on the other hand involves creation of a systematic plan for application of the desired change. It also outlines interdependencies and interrelationship prevailing in systematic change to be applied as well as the desired outcome. It should also include possible measures for realization of the desired results in the helping process.

The sixth phase involves creating a plan for addressing responses to the community helping process. This includes methods for encouraging the community to stick the transformation process throughout its course.

There is also the seventh course and it involves identifying and dealing with opposing the community helping process. The restraining forces for the process are greatly reduced or eliminated at the seventh phase mainly via persuasion. Those supporting the process should be improved to expedite realization of change.

The effectiveness of community helping process should also be assessed to determine whether the changes desired have been achieved. Its goal is to support and strengthen the community helping process in identification of areas that call for development, improvement or duplication.


Lopez-Baez and Paylo have demonstrated the crucial stages of community helping process. I believe the most essential part of their work is the realization that the society plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the process. They also have identified vital stages and phases of the process including identification of the issue, seeking the support of stakeholders and the community for change, creation of a change plan, its implementation and evaluation of its effectiveness.

The article therefore demonstrates how the issue experienced by a person reflects a social problem affecting the entire society. I also think the approach establishes that the process may begin with problem identification from a person and exploring its root causes in the society later on.


It is clear that change agents in the community should have proper understanding of the community helping process to address societal issues more appropriately. This will enable them to clearly understand how to initiate the change process and follow it up for completion. Change agents most importantly should also comprehend vital competencies needed in the community helping process. Failure to understand proficiencies and phases of the process, their efforts will prove futile.



Lopez-Baez, S. I.%2

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