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Social work and Humanities Essay on Negro Slave Family in the United States of America

Negro Slave Family in the United States of America

Negro Slave Family, a book written by Professor E. Franklin Frazier of Howard University in the United States of America is known as the initial comprehensive assessment of family life of African Americans who triumphed during the colonial era slavery alongside the slavery period, its liberation to the impact of migration of southern and northern cities to the 20th century.

The book is well organized with charming biblical jargons and engaging to maintain a reader’s attention especially into the actual slavery episodes in the USA. The author also discusses related themes comprehensively including the effect of slavery on family solidity, personal identity, patriarchy and matriarchy as well as long term effects of lack of education and poverty among other themes.

Frazier therefore discovers that many of family features are shaped mainly by social conditions and not necessarily race. Published in 1939, the book is regarded as a very reliable referencing system for different social scientists interested in exploring the history of the African American Families (Franklin, 1939). In his work, Professor Franklin has carried out enamors research in his work to focus on the plight of changes that have been witnessed by the Negro family in the USA.

The well documented research by the Professor, has contributed to different pertinent issues and those that are deeply penetrating to command the attention of all concerned parties with a purpose of creating changes and possible adjustments. It is a fact that has made the contributions of the book to be quite significant in the American Political, Education and Social Science Annals.

Dr. Franklin also demonstrates the joint relationship between slaves and their masters. Slaves rely on their masters for food, clothing and shelter while masters depend on the needed slaves for essential services and labor. This kind of relationship creates mutual and complex obligation relationships, family loyalty and authority (Franklin, 1939).

The book also delineates clearly the nature of slavery in original colonies that were slow and different in various regions in the United States of America depending on the main type of Agrarian revolution activity taking place in a specific region. This diversification of agriculture in many regions helps to provide a kinship network in many plantations across the USA.

Slave breeding was also a popular practice in many of these regions and in some cases; slaves were sexually exploited and subjected to arranged marriages, forced mating and rape. Frazier also states that “there were masters who, without any regard for the preferences of their slaves, mated their human chattel as they did their stock.”

Slave breeding trend was also commonly practiced as a way to provide cheap labor to new slavers and to close labor gaps created by Atlantic trade closure or termination. The trend to subhuman chattel that was not given same rights as Americans was also a way of reducing cases of rebellion that may have occurred as a result of availability of new slaves from Africa (Franklin, 1939).

In conclusion, despite negative surroundings that slaves were subjected to, the economic advantage to the two different families surpassed the negative conditions. This in the end led to long

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