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Sociology Essay on Basis for Ethical and Moral Decision Making

Basis for Ethical and Moral Decision Making

My basis for making moral and decent choices is philosopher Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative. In relation to the Categorical Imperative, people are thought to act in a way that treats humanity as an end as well as never simply a way to an end. This is due to the fact that one is a human gives him or her ethical status. I opine each person as equal persons of ethical stature who have equal openings or prospects at life. This means that most of my choices are defined by the effect on other people’s welfare. We make most of our choices on basis of what makes us contented.  For instance, individuals will cast their vote for the agent they feel will provide great advantage. This is in line with utilitarian’s where a judgment is ethical and principled when it promises extreme happiness to the largest number of individuals.

On the other hand, this foundation fails to deal with the plight of the minority who are impacted by the majority’s contentment. This comes to the light as a egotistic way of making judgments that only look to merit certain group of individuals, however it demerits others. As a result, I try not to be self-centered when making my judgments on when undertaking an action. For instance, the incident of the ‘willing buyer willing seller’, which is chiefly cited in instances of property or land vending. I on the contrast am wealthy and I want a piece of the land. I freely deal with my neighbor who is tussling to make it as well as ask him to trade me the piece of land. I provide him vast amount of money. The neighbor enthusiastically vends the piece of land. Nevertheless, he does not have any other piece of land where he can establish a home.

Several things can be realized from this incident. At first, the vendor as well as the buyer were both enthusiastic and conventionally there was nothing wrong with the trade. Nevertheless, there is a twist to it.  I did not think about the wellbeing of my neighbor when making the acquisition. He did not have another land denoting that there is a likelihood of him remaining destitute. Consequently, it was self-centered of me to simply take advantage of my neighbor as a way to my contentment without bearing in mind his wellbeing. Founded on this incident, I invariably make judgments that will not affect individuals negatively. All together, they ought not to take advantage of the ethical need.

In making judgments, I invariably look at my initial choice. This clarifies the outcomes of such as judgment. I then assess the likelihood of substitutes and after categorizing them, I evaluate their outcomes. This includes consultations with the regarded parties on whom the judgments might work. The judgment ought to not take advantage of morality in itself. An ethical judgment is an unrestricted requisite and it lets no exceptions. As a result, making choices needs compromise so that a judgment can bring about smiles on the faces of the people rather than just making choices simply for the sake of it. I make judgments depending on what is right or wrong, and not what excites individuals surrounding me. On a regular basis, I consult my Bible for guidelines, and I trust it aids a lot in providing direction.

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