Effects of Cold War on Soviet Union

Sociology Essay on Compare Two Theories

Compare Two Theories

Social theories try to give an explanation of the human life with regards to the role that is played by the environment in the creation of social cohesion in an individual’s final life. A study into the issues of social integration requires the need for closer examination of some of the commonly known social theories.

This paper makes a comparison between the functionalism theory and the conflict theory with regards to their attributes.

The structural functionalism theory is among the sociological theories that have existed for many decades. Essentially, the structural functionality theory tried to explain the role played by social institutions towards meeting individual needs (Dillon, 2010, p.12). The specified aspect of involvement as far as the introduction of this theory is concerned was aimed at connecting personal interest to the entire social status. The theory of structural functionalism has however, undergone modification by various institutions in order to appeal to the ways used by the social institutions in the creation of equilibrium in society. Therefore, the theory of structural functionalism is linked to the ways through which different societies are able to maintain the internal control and stability, as well as giving explanations on the steps used by people in enhancing social cohesion and solidarity (Dillon, 2010, p.14). The conflict theory on the other hand, maintains that the society can only be understood as an individual competitive organ but not a complex structure on the platform for enhancing social equilibrium. The conflict theory therefore suggests that, the society is made up of individuals who are manifested through increasing competition for the limited resources like leisure, power, money and sex. On the other hand, some social structures showcase features of inequality, thereby posing competition as a means of counteracting the level of disparities observed. The individuals who are presented within this theory are usually faced with conflicts as the only way through which one is able to acquire and maintain possession and power.

In conclusion, it is important to understand the theoretical aspect of human beings and the role that they play in shaping their environment. The nature of human beings dictates that individuals must relate with each other in various ways in order to make the society complete.




Dillon, M. (2010). Introduction to sociological theory: Theorists, concepts, and their applicability to the twenty-first century. Chichester, U.K: Wiley-Blackwell.


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