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Sociology Essay on Social Norms

Social Norms

Triumph of the Dog gives the implication that the fans are threatening American values on women and sexuality. For example, it shows that men use their credit cards in wooing women. He points a finger at the fans for various kinds of improper behaviors like the use of credit cards and their dress codes to win women. These sanctions enhance social conformity since they make the fans to feel ashamed of their actions, therefore, discouraging the humiliation that is expressed by the repetition of such actions in the future. This is true according to my judgment since I have not been able to pursue some of my interests due to the fear of negative sanctions. For example, I have always had the desire of adopting a vegetarian diet but I fear facing harsh criticisms from my colleagues. Therefore, although conformity to societal norms provides comfort and a sense of belonging, it can also hinder the potential of an individual. This is because it discourages people from pursing their decisions.

While eating out with a group of friends, I decided to go against the belief and eat with my fingers while all the others used cutlery appropriately. All eyes were on our table to show their disapproval before looking away in disgust as whispers circulated around the restaurant. American culture is quite restrictive when it comes to eating etiquette, and since I have gone against this value, it has given me an uneasy feeling. It has made me realize that these negative sanctions are put in place to discourage deviant behaviors. For instance, even though I hurt myself a lot, I would not start crying in public because as a man, I believe that I am ‘’strong.’’ I would also have to attend college, even if I had the desire of working a bit faster in order to conform to the demands of the society. Therefore, I feel that social norms curtail the freedoms of individuals, despite the fact that they play a role in promoting positive behavior.

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