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There are quite a number of themes and ideas expressed by Martin Luther King in his letter, ‘’From Birmingham Jail.’’ The issues presented in the letter were quite challenging. Social justice is among the main themes and ideas regarding urban issues that were highlighted in the letter. In the letter, King discusses the social injustices that were prevalent in the United States during that time. He explains the way in which social injustice had dominated all the American cities. There were numerous cases of racism across the cities in all sectors, including even the public facilities like the closure of Fun town to the colored people. Beside, the people also experienced mistreatment within the churches. King further discusses how unjust the laws governing the people were during that time. The police officers were filled with hatred and brutally beaten up and mistreated the colored people.

Another theme that is also highlighted in Martin Luther King’s letter is the challenging status quo. This theme was related to the issues that were going on across the cities in the United States during that period. In the letter, King indicated that all the people as well as institutions were actively committed towards working alongside him during the Civil Right Movement. Dr. King and his supporters held the belief that they had to show a responsive action in order to bring all these injustices to an end. According to them, silence and passivity had never convinced democracy to be focused on the people who felt marginalized.

The themes that are discussed above are still prevalent in modern urban areas. In fact, most cities still undergo the experience of social injustice. However, racial discrimination has significantly declined in many urban areas. Social segregation is mainly experienced along wealth lines. For instance, cities are designed in a way that all the people are accommodated based on their social status that is attached to wealth.

Demonstrations are also among the issues that dominate most urban areas. People often take part in peaceful demonstrations whenever they feel that their rights are infringed. In many occasions, the demonstrators end up facing confrontation from the police.

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