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Argumentative Essay Sample Scientific and Technical Information: A Course Reflection

            I have always envisioned that every course that I pursue will have a positive contribution to my life as well as growth as an in individual in certain ways. The contribution can be in form of skills that will enhance my performance in academics, advancement in my career, or personal enlightenment.

Essentially, my hope is that every class that I attend will have a mark in my overall quest for achieving higher education. This vision was exemplified by the course in scientific and information studies. It taught me how to thrive during the times that require organizational skills, analytic thinking, and technical communication and data analysis skills both as a student and as a professional.

Before enrolling for the course, I thought of myself as a conventional learner. I considered myself as having learnt properly via the traditional techniques of lecture and study. For instance, my belief was that learning would be better if professors and lecturers with the highest qualifications taught me.

As such, there was no time when I considered my colleagues as reliable knowledge sources. Additionally, I opted to pay more attention during class time while taking notes from the instructors. Later, I would review those notes from the study room. To learn more and understand what was taught by the instructors better, I would use assignments.

Before pursuing this course, I never knew the essence of contributing in class through personal input or asking questions. To me, activities and discussions were never to be taken seriously. My assumption was that I could not get what the lecturer did not offer from other students.

However, my perception has been redefined by this course. The course has made it clear that there are infinite opportunities that surpass the relationship between the teacher and the student. During the course, I came across varied situations that required me to work with the other students in groups to accomplish different tasks.

During group discussions, I got a chance to hear the opinions of the other students. I also gave my opinions. I have learnt that through such discussions I can learn many crucial things that the instructor did not provide in class. Through group discussions with other students, I got ideas that I would have never generated on my own.

Now, I understand the importance of working with other students. I now know that they are a vital source of information and knowledge. On realizing that I can also make relevant contribution in the process of learning with other students, my confidence has also improved.

I have learnt crucial intercultural and interpersonal communication techniques from this course. For any group to succeed in its operations, personal and cultural differences must be put aside first. This taught me cultural tolerance. It also gave me an opportunity for understanding the cultures of other people better.

While viewing the course materials derived from different cultures, I got insights that enabled me to comprehend technical and scientific knowledge. I also learnt that knowledge surpasses what the books, the internet, journals, newspapers and lecture notes offer. It also encompasses those around me.

I acquired important research skills from the course assignment which I will use in the future. For instance, I now know how to use online libraries in accessing academic information sources. My skills of using the search engines have also improved. Though the internet has a lot of information, I have realized that it has false information with some requiring qualification.

Through this course, I have learnt to evaluate information sources in order to determine their legitimacy and authenticity. I was able to write authoritative assignments using authentic materials and to support them with academic research. My intention is to use the research skills that I acquired in completing future assignments (Kuhlthau et al. 85).  

Interacting with the audience is an area that gave me problems. During my past life, I did not have the courage for addressing people in a group even an assembly of my colleagues or learned individuals. Nevertheless, one requirement of this course was making class presentation. Before the presentation, my worry was that poor skills in making public speech would be my let down.

Nevertheless, I began acquiring the courage to address a group of people by participating in group discussions. I was even taught by my friends how to address a crowd. During the day of presentations, I had already developed courage that enabled me to address my colleagues in front of the class. Though my presentation was not the best, I realized that I had made a remarkable move in addressing this weakness. My hope is that I will make such a presentation again.

This course’s objective emphasizes on the communication capacity and ethical responsibility as well as understanding other people and their different experiences. On completing the course, my belief is that effective means of comprehending ethical concepts on humanity begins with the recognition of what ought to be considered inhuman, things that deny us the inherent individuality and humility as well as what threatens humans. I now treasure what makes us the human that we are after learning how to appreciate human diversity.

I have also realized that there exists a world past the technology that is permeating most homesteads, streets, schools, offices and health centers. This can be called the world of human experience (Götz 1). Upholding ethical guidelines while heading to the future with concepts that are not easy to define will be made possible by human interactions and experiences.

During the entire term, I must acknowledge ethical concepts as well as their importance in the society. My conviction is that I am a better student now and taking a moment to appreciate the modern world of technology and its impact on me as a professional has made me realize what is expected of me in my career. It has also enhanced my consciousness of what I ought to do in order to excel. I have also developed social awareness through my interaction and discussion with peers. All these combined will contribute in my endeavors in the future. My belief is that this course has enhanced my career prospects and student life.

In conclusion, I wish to acknowledge my colleagues, the students and also the tutor who made the class interesting. The course was really enjoyable. This course was unlike the other classes where the orientation is to finish and fulfill course objective and succeed in the exam. I had a refreshing experience for being one of the members of this class.



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