The following is a writing project on situation analysis on Fox Desportes and Golden Boy Promotion Inc. Read on and gather essential details from the analysis.

Capstone Project Essay Sample on Situation Analysis: Fox Desportes and Golden Bo Promotions Inc.

Executive Summary

On 23 April 2012, Fox Sports Media Group (FSMG) and Golden Boy Promotions signed up a multi-media, multi-platform contract to offer live boxing material in the U.S and all over the world. To comprehend the consequences of this agreement, it is essential to be acquainted with the two parties in the study.

Golden Boy Promotions, Inc. is a public relations company that focuses in combat sport. It was built by Oscar De La Hoya (christened The Golden Boy) in 2002, a former Hispanic boxer and six-division titleholder.  De La Hoya has the largest share in the firm and his associates (incorporating fellow boxers Ricky Hatton, Joseph Ochoa and Bernard Hopkins and among others) possess the rest of the stake. The firm has rejoiced great triumph for a number of years. It is the extensively reputed and dynamic boxing promoter. Its shows are invariably crowded and are shown in channels such as HBO, ESPN, Telefutura, HBO Latino and Showtime. The firm became the top score in 2006 by trading more than two million in pay-per views. FSMG is as well a chief firm on its own right. It is the authority unit that embodies numerous multi-platform sports properties for News Corporations.   

In contradiction of this contextual, it is not suspected that the business has core predictions in the coming days. Nevertheless, like all enterprises, this association is the topic in both the two cohort’s in-house and exterior settings as well as both locally and globally. These entail micro and macro settings issues that impact the specific organizations’ undertakings and also sports industry more so boxing. The feat of this association, thus, will rely on these firms reaction to these issues, incorporating the phases that the firm takes to improve their competitive merit in this high opinion. 


Certainly, if the standings of FSMG and Golden Boy Promotions, Inc. are put into concern, this association has optimistic guarantees for the coming days. A number of issues are in performance here, incorporating the proprietor’s (De La Hoya’s) background and character; ethos (for example, how significant it is to converse in Spanish, the dialect most appropriate for the target audience); clients taste for those sports in addition to boxing [for instance football]; plans to getting the audience [for instance, the use of social mass media, and also dialect used; rivalry; and fiscal recession to name but a few.

This paper is a circumstance evaluation of this association. This paper will look at the association’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) as ascertained by the sports more so boxing market circumstance.

SWOT Analysis



  • Golden Boy founded by boxers
  • Reputation and Money
  • De La Hoya’s Drug Troubles
  • Too Much Emphasis on One Distribution Channel
  • Too much emphasis on one distribution channel



  • Growing popularity of boxing among Hispanics
  • Social Networking
  • Other sports
  • Economic recession
  • Competition


Internal Factors

Trust, as stated by De Klerk is essential in “establishing and developing business networks” (5845). Nevertheless, this faith does not grow habitually. Building trust amongst business cohorts demands a mutual foundation or base for their first engagement and also better growth of their association. In addition,  Armstrong and Lee (cited in De Klerk) clarifies, “trust also has  a  leverage effect which is based on the confidence in the other partner’s ability and intent,  involves the willingness to rely on that expected satisfaction” (5845). Golden Boy has a fertile base for confidence amongst its customers. Actually, the idea that Golden Boy Promotion was built and operated by boxers is a chief forte for the organization. It holds a large network acquired by individuals who have been in the sector and fathom it. The target team [combatants] is probable to have faith in individuals who have been in their position, trusting they comprehend them and their wants more and are, thus, perfectly apt to stand for them (unlike other promoters like Don King, who has faced several fraud lawsuits). It is as a result, no shock that as its start, the firm has worked with a notable number of boxers in the market, incorporating Erik Morales and Bernard Hopkins, superstars and titleholders Canelo Alvarez, Devon Alexander, Abner Mares, Chris john and Robert Guerrrerro and amongst others.   in addition, for a number of years, even deprived of a proper agreement, Golden Boy has had a great  association with Floyd Mayweather, probably the most reputed fighter these days. Golden Boy has endorsed a number of his combats. It is alleged that this association is to fault for Mayweather move from HBO to ShowTime, HBO’s core competitor (Showtime as well rejoiced in a constructive permanent relation with Golden Boy) (McRae 2). McRae in addition states that; “Golden Boy Promotions' stable of fighters is the deepest group in the sport from top to bottom” (5).

Golden Boy moreover has good status in the combat market. It is “one of boxing’s most active and respected promoters, representing shows in packed venues around the United States” (McRae 2) on central channels incorporating HBO, Fox Sport Network and Telefutura to name but a few. The firm has, thus, presented some of the prime combats in the account of boxing. These incorporates the Mayweather/ Guerrero combat in which it is stated to have just made one million pay-per-view subscribers, which interprets to around $ 24.6 million in a single night (Jay 4). Golden Boy as well endorsed the Mayweather versus Canelo combat. The firm paid Mayweather $41.5 million for the battle (Snowden 1). Such statistics clarify that the firm is an extremely appealing prospect for numerous combatants.

  1. Weaknesses
  1. De La Hoya’s Troubles

De La Hoya has been apparent on his issues with drugs and alcohol. He has confessed to drinking prior to some of his championship battles (for instance, against Manny Pacquiao). His drinking issue has turned out to be even more solemn for years. De La Hoya who had joined a rehab earlier moved back just a few days prior to Mayweather vs Canelo combat. He missed the preeminent combat (CNN Staff 1). This is a fragile fact for the enterprise. The conduct of a corporate character impacts the relation with customers largely, and also the chance to be acquiring more contracts. This impacts output as well, possibly most essentially, status and reliability. We can presume that prior to building confidence; a probable business cohort would like to presume that the other prospective companion is serious and can craft clearheaded policies. Unquestionably, Golden Boy Promotions is not all about De La Hoya. The firm is huge and there are individuals who protect De La Hoya on a number of stages. Yet, De La Hoya is the formal front of Golden Boy and his character, thus, impacts how the firm is seen. Nevertheless, De La Hoya’s general reputation of his issues and look out for answers ought to be a beneficial determinant. It indicates struggle on his side and, quite fatefully, portrays honesty..

  1. Too Much Emphasis on One Distribution Channel

We cannot state for real that the focus on one delivery network is an issue of corporate moral of Golden Boy. We can solitary conclude from what we observe that the firm focuses on to gratify one delivery network with a given time. For instance, for a number of years, Golden Boy has had an imperative contract with HBO. Nevertheless, it has then abandoned the agreement for one with Showtime, HBO’s rival. The relation amongst the two firms got worse, with HBO cancelling it. On the other hand, Golden Boy succeeded to move HBO’s central combatants [incorporating Mayweather] over to Showtime, headed by Stephen Espinonza, an earlier overall counsel of Golden Boy.   

The discussion rests on whether the contract has been an excellent move for HBO or Golden Boy. Conversely, some debate that releasing Golden Boy is a great lose for HBO, as there is clear change of authority, which openly taking Showtime beyond HBO (Wood 1).  On the contrary, some people opine that HBO has gone astray, looking at it as a talent creator, a position that some trust it holds (Willis 7).

Even so, Golden Boy, in this relation, has missed many chances that come with holding many distribution networks, which is a failure of the administration. As stated by Sullivan and Qualls (9), it is essential and crucial to fathom and take control of the battle between dissemination networks. Amongst other merits, they offer diverse perceptions, tactical merits and delivery of dangers. By putting much stress on one dissemination network or being unable to cope with the enterprise crisis among HBO and Showtime to its merit is a feeble spot.    

  1. Not enough Customer Interaction

Relationship cooperation (additionally alluded to as relationship advertising) between business accomplices, and in the middle of organizations and their clients is to a great extent considered as new advertising concept. Client relation is carried out through different systems: web journals, social channel platforms and web portals whereby clients can survey commodities, make inquiries or make proposals on new commodities. Survey demonstrates that client relations connect the typically extensive social disparity between organizations and their clients. It offers opinion to the clients, making them trust that they are effective in policy-making procedure. Fundamentally, it aids the organization to understand the clients and know how to satisfy their desires (Gruner & Homberg 3-5).

Unluckily, Golden Boy Promotions misses ample client relations. The organization does not have web journals, magazines or newsletters. Still, Golden Boy Promotions actually requires to start a practical plan to ease and improve its communication with it clients. To this point, the firm has been fairly Americanized in its shows and commodities. With this fresh contract, the firm banks on the Latino society. This plan would aid Golden Boy know the Latino society (incorporating culture) better and find out what changes [in its material and demonstration] it should make to gratify that sector. 

External Factors

  1. Opportunities

Each enterprise encounters difficulties in-house and externally (industry-particular and/or macro-natural elements). Achievement is, thus, not described by the absence of difficulties, yet by the capacity of a business to exploit accessible open doors in such an approach to conquer the difficulties. Recorded underneath are a number of merits that Golden Boy and Fox Desportes can look for and utilize.

Boxing gaining more Popularity among Hispanics

Boxing is not a widespread entertainment. It stays fairly real, more so when contrasted with football. Nevertheless, it is valuable to note that many individuals understand and treasure it. Amongst Hispanics, for instance, this status has been influenced by the idea that there are numerous Hispanic combatants [for instance De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez). In addition, the known combats (for example the Mayweather/Canelo) have appealed to a broad number of spectators both locally and globally.

In this awe, Fox Desportes and Golden Boy can take advantage of this expanded consideration towards boxing to help back the acceptance greatly. In connection to this application, the business can anticipate to attract soccer darlings to watch boxing. Effectively, Golden Boy has the scope that it can embrace to further bolster its good fortune. De La Hoya- if not Golden Boy- has significant ties with and in soccer. De La Hoya has share in the MLS championship club Houston Dynamos Soccer (Associated Press 1). This can aid to advertise boxing amongst large number of soccer lovers; for instance.

  1. Social Networking

Numerous corporations have maximized on social channeling (media). Without a doubt, social media offers essential merits to a corporate:

Brand Recognition: Online networking aids assemble the brand in the targeted corporate area. With this, the two organizations can decide how to carry themselves and what the clients deserve to know. Brand-building hassle obliges the procurement of incredible substance and consistency. Identified with this is the idea of rehash presentation in promoting; that “it takes six to eight exposures to a product before a customer can decide to buy” (Chandler 6). Fox Desportes and Golden Boy can make use of this chance to further their aspiration to make boxing considerably more ideal for the extensive group of fans.

Cultivating Community: Client communication through interpersonal interaction helps construct group. Chandler composes: "when your devotees get to be a piece of your group, you pick up moment access to them" (7). As it were, a business can take in the difficulties that its target business sector faces and what the individuals like. By captivating them in dialog, a business makes impact in the business sector. It draws in new clients and different open doors. This is a paramount resource for business manageability.

Authority and Competitive Advantage: in due course, a suitable application of social media can build a corporations’ power in the sector. This offers it a competitive edge against other rivals.



Different games represent a real danger to the accomplishment of boxing among Hispanics. Soccer, maybe, remains the greatest risk to boxing among Hispanics. As per TNS Media Services “Soccer is by far the favorite spectator sport of Hispanic males. More than half of Hispanic males name one of the soccer leagues or Major League Baseball (MLB) as their favorite spectator sport” (95). 54% of Hispanic guys want to watch soccer (show in Spanish) contrasted with 41 percent who incline toward boxing.

An alternate battle that is progressively undermining the boxing business is UFC. By and large, among US guys, UFC is more well-known (74.6 percent) than boxing (72.4 percent) (Cruz 1). Indeed, UFC has surpassed confining income and ubiquity lately. Be that as it may, boxing stays more prominent among Hispanics. As indicated by a Sports Business Journal report (refered to in Cruz 5, 6), 33.3 percent of Hispanics incline toward boxing, while just 19.6 percent UFC. For sure, this favors Golden Boy's arrangement with Fox Desportes. Still, UFC postures impressive danger to boxing. For example, Golden Boy's arrangement with Fox Desportes has been ignored in correlation to the $100 million yearly arrangement in the middle of UFC and Fox. Brilliant Boy's arrangement basically manages the airing of live cards on Fox Desporte, and the battles circulated on Fox's provincial games channels and Fuel TV. UFC's arrangement conveys more arrangements: four cards yearly on the principle Fox Network, extra battle cards and a reality arrangement, and more battles and programming on Fuel TV (Emen 2). Such an arrangement clearly undermines the airing and survey of bouts.

Economic slump is an alternate business macro-ecological element that poses danger to the boxing sector. For instance, even with the 2008 and the resulting retreat, Japan's boxing industry accomplished decreased number of advancements; from 276 advancements in 2008 to 221 in 2011 (Koizumi 3). This can be credited to decreased number of dynamic promoters, and additionally lower customer certainty and using. Clients are agonized over financial insecurities and don't purchase tickets to go to shows in light of the fact that they discover them excessively costly. Hence, the clients opt to watch even the popular combats on TV.

The issue of rivalry can be analyzed by looking at different promoters, diverse games (battle or non-battle), and rivalry to Golden Boy's business collaborators. In this admiration, we can as well consider the viability and suitability of the contender's methodologies in correlation to those of Golden Boy and its accomplices.

Other key promoter is Don King and, recently, Mike Tyson. The other battle dons that are progressively representing a risk to boxing is blended combative technique (renowned as MMA). This game has gotten to be much more famous than in the late years. In case we contrast the UFC arrangement and Fox against that of Golden Boy, we perceive how this may be so. Different rivalries incorporate HBO (as rivalry to Showtime). HBO has since cut its connections with Golden Boy, blaming the last for poaching its warriors. HBO is seemingly the most respectable promoter in the boxing business and, in this manner, represents a real risk to Showtime and, by augmentation, Golden Boy. In any case, numerous contend that there is a movement of force in the business for Showtime. As it were, HBO may very little danger. In any case, HBO remains an impressive rivalry.


This paper has looked at the numerous issues in the sports industry that can impact business pact amongst Golden Boy Promotions Inc. and Fox Sports Media Group (FSMG). Every of these two cohorts is a huge business enterprise on its own right. This corporate status and also fiscal foundation that each provides, can aid in figuring out the triumph of this ventures. Yet, as each encounters own difficulties with enterprise, other dangers may come up.

As we have observed, this venture is impacted by the Golden Boy’s key initiators and operators are or were combatants, which makes it attractive to fighters. The other thing, the Golden Boy and its companions’ (Showtime and FSMG) have firm abilities and status in the sector. Thirdly, the sum of dissemination networks.  Fourth, the fame of boxing amongst Hispanics in link to other showbiz [soccer and UFC]. Fifth, poor customer interface. Sixth, fiscal recession impacts client trust and expenditure. Lastly, rivalry takes a portion of the market as well eventually impact productivity. Nevertheless, the most essential issue is the way these cohorts try out to improve competitive merit over other associates and how perfectly they are able to make use of the accessible openings. Social media, for instance, can take a great approach in moving ahead this objective.  

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