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Critical Thinking Information System Technology and Organization Competencies

Core Competencies Used By Two Competitors

Corporate setting is described by the high rivalry amongst several companies or enterprises that try to run in the same market. The goal of any productivity process is to seize client’s attention via commodity distribution in a manner that gratifies consumer’s requirements (Saunders, 2010, p. 331). Lest if varied companies distribute a market with similar commodities as seen under a competitive market, each firm tries to follow its rivals deeds watchfully so as to start the procedure that would keep the first agents influence in the market. If companies contest in quantity, the first company to release a commodity into the market has a relative advantage over the second agent company (Saunders, 2010, p. 331). In contrast, if companies contest in the prices setting then the second agent has an advantage over the first one, as the second mover sets reduced prices so as to get customers confidence and interest in the commodities use. This paper looks at the competencies of Wal-Mart and Fast Foods Corporations. In the last assessment the report will give an overview on how two companies use their competencies in increasing sales and returns.

With globalization and technological development in the regions of production, packaging, delivery and processes Wal-Mart and Fast Food Corporations focus on enhancing their operation procedures in a manner that will let company gain momentum and control the whole market. The two companies are amongst the most rapidly developing food industries effective within America and globally. With advanced standards of working, the two companies offer far-fetched number of job openings that vary from team building membership jobs to firm licensing chances. A number of the habitually shared capabilities incorporate the following;

Operation Culture

The shareholders of both Wal-Mart and Fast Foods comprehend their philosophy of working. Workers in the companies are hardworking, well-organized and process focused on. Executives try to treat their workers as associates with a notion building towards competent service transfer to their clients. The impression that turns around effective ethos is to get feedbacks at the right time and utilize them to build the image of the firm. 

Low Operation Cost

Any venture would like to lessen the expense of functioning. As observed, both Wal-Mart and Fast Food Companies apply those means to permit low working costs, yet retain high degree of performance. With incorporation of technology into a number of areas of production, the companies have been able to lessen the expense of recruiting employees. In that essence, the utilization of technology at varied platform of production has made it easy for the companies to enhance their output. The target market for the two companies incorporates middle class members of the community; heightened companies and also huge cities, which they get via advertising and helpful distribution of the commodities. Currently Wal-Mart and Fast Food Companies have the capability to make vast sales volume and create huge incomes.

Distribution of Products

Wal-Mart and Fast Food Companies work under expanding worldwide rivalry together with exceedingly focused firms inside the same business. This requires the advancement of suitable delivery strategies that would permit the buyers to get items in time and in great condition. The time compass in the middle of assembling and dissemination is covered by the quick and proficient distribution utilizing trucks and planes. With modernization of mechanical correspondence implies, the two organizations utilize the Internet as a part of request to chip in with their clients.

Despite the fact that the two organizations impart the techniques of guaranteeing viable rivalry, they appear to utilize changed strategies as a part of the execution of the proposed procedures. The top administration of Wal-Mart Corporation gives careful consideration to the reception of new creation and dissemination strategies. The top pioneers' lion's share feels that the Corporation would stand a superior chance for its execution level change in the event that it transforms its methods later on, which have been in presence for over decades. Then again, the Corporation has picked up consistent development since the year 2002 as an issue of its enhanced skills. A report discharged by Porters Five uncovered that key arranging inside Wal-Mart is the main impetus that makes the partnership the best firm among its rivals in administration conveyance to clients. Wal-Mart needed to create procedures went for holding its heading position and opening different conceivable outcomes for the business development. Be that as it may, Wal-Mart still faces a few creation challenges as it battles to extend its generation base. These difficulties make Wal-Mart to be nearly losing its market control, debilitating participation stockpiling limit in distinctive locales over the world. The aforementioned impacts have opened up courses for firm rivalry inside the sustenance business. A nearby perception uncovers that Wal-Mart's mix of monetary qualities, exceptionally created administration aptitudes, and proficient operational structure has given the Corporation chances to put resources into abroad markets. Be that as it may, with the expanded worldwide rivalry, the Company ought to be particular in settling on development choices and building a business base. This vital application of the abilities has empowered Wal-Mart to develop and grow its wings more than Fast Food Company or whatever other industry besides.


Using the Competencies to Propose a Set of Actions Leading to Organizations’ Competencies Improvement

Operation culture, less expenses of operation and dispersion of different commodities appear to be the center capability ranges of both Wal-Mart and Fast Food Companies. Strategic administration would be more proper in guaranteeing that the two organizations addition market power and acknowledgement as depicted by mission and vision explanations (Saunders, 2010, p. 334). In connection to operation society, the Companies need to work ways that will guarantee laborer's inspiration. Enhanced working conditions, expanded installments, consistent wellbeing evaluation and different prizes will give laborers the chance to work productively and enhance their exhibitions. Thus, the Companies would keep up ease of operation by fusing different creation advances went for diminishing the quantity of representatives and particular expenses of vocation.

Analysis of IST System Complexities and Their Application to Organizational Operations and Performance

Information framework innovation (IST) entails the use of innovations in data spread inside different branches of an association or in corresponding with dependable clients, in a manner that the data stream is interconnected. The procedure permits quick and productive data conveyance with an abnormal state of security. The complexities included in IST establishment rely on upon mechanical enthusiasm of the association and additionally its size. The expense of establishment would be higher than anticipated if there are a few divisions in play (Mckeen and Smith, 2009, p. 222). In addition, the framework obliges capability preparing for its clients, which is likewise excessive and tedious. The data stream may be interfered with particularly when one line is cut or the framework is hacked. Such events might totally confuse administration conveyance inside and outside the association.

Evaluating the Alignment among Information Systems, Organizations, Strategies and Objectives

The communication unit makes such data stream arrange that the heads of divisions need to work and build contact with lower division executives through their agents, so that these pioneers get the requests from their directors. This correspondence channel needs to go down to the subordinates in a manner that encourages different operations inside the association.

Tools, Processes and Metrics to Accomplish Organizational Objectives

Associations work with a perspective of fulfilling shoppers' necessity through making opportune distribution of merchandise in a proficient and advantageous way. The methodologies that would permit the business to perform its capacities all the more properly would include looking into the obligations performed by every laborer and the administration on the loose. Execution assessment would give the business a superior chance for making more noteworthy changes in different territories of operation. In such a way the business would be in position to sidestep different dangers that may cause diverse issues.

C Level Report

Executive Summary

The development of technology in different regions of production and steady changes in communication frameworks as an issue of arriving at clients call for administration to comprehend the structure of target markets with a perspective of satisfying buyers' goals. In any choice making methodology and strategies execution, the chiefs ought to attempt to investigate the skills of the association through ID of the territories of essentialness, for example, the issue, elective arrangement, prescribed arrangement, dangers and arrangement, outcomes of the proposed arrangement, venture obliged and the undertaking arrangement.

The Need or Problem

Over a few years, the utilization of technology in creation and dispersion had not picked up force as contrasted with current circumstances. Around then, the chiefs considered the utilization of technology in generation as profoundly unsafe, accepting that it would bring about high operation costs. Nonetheless, today things appear to be changed and each aggressive firm has the urge to fuse technology in different generation forms. Therefore, the right choice for organizations going for accomplishing worldwide rivalry will be to grasp the innovation and IST frameworks in mechanical creation forms.

Recommended Solution

Technology advancement makes modern creation less expensive over the long haul. With the thought of high rivalry and different dangers included in creation and appropriation of merchandise and administrations, businesses would need to chop down the expense of generation and in the meantime keep up the customers' level of fulfillment (Mckeen and Smith, 2009, p. 223). The suggestions for the above-characterized issue are to fuse those method for generation that are less expensive, proficient and up and coming. The utilization of creation innovations would be more proper in enhancing association's level of execution however it has some negative results on the clients. Fundamentally, utilizing innovation as a part of creation would decrease the quantity of specialists inside the association and oblige retraining of the held laborers so they pick up aptitudes of working generation machines (Mckeen and Smith, 2009, p. 226). In addition, a nearby perception uncovers that despite the fact that the expense of establishment is high, at last the organization would win because of the lessening of expenses for the vocation of more laborers.

Alternative Solutions

The best thing for the association is to incorporate into the key arrangements, for example, creating products that match shoppers' tastes, enlisting more specialists over the world to help in item advancement and advertising in different nations. Nonetheless, contrasted with the utilization of IST framework, more specialists would mean high expenses of operation; henceforth, the normal returns would go down. On the same note, data scattering and distribution techniques would be low on the off chance that the association utilizes human intends to convey data.

Risks and Solutions

In each day operations, organizations face diverse kinds of dangers. The dangers confronted inside an association puts managers and approach producers at the edge of creating approaches that would help in checking the unfriendly impacts of the distinguished threats. From the previous, the main hazard the organization would experience is high beginning expense of establishment for both generation innovations and the IST framework (Lucas, 2005, p. 200). Other related expenses would spin around upkeep and substitution. In this manner, it implies that if the association is not decently arranged to execute engineering establishment plan, it would confront the budgetary dangers, which can be overcome by fitting planning and through ID of potential fund sources. These could be stakeholders or entrepreneurs.

Consequences of the Recommended Solution

Operation of any business is at the enthusiasm of stakeholders who need to expand the business undertakings as far as benefits and different types of profits. Stakeholders range from general public, employees, entrepreneurs, directors to government. The utilization of technology in creation methods is immoderate at the introductory stage, yet this is the cost that the stakeholders need to endure. As the organization advances and its productivity balances out, the stakeholders would merit via lessened expense of operation and huge profits.

Investment Required

Apt financial planning is vital for all corporate operations. The prospect that a business will proceed with its future operations depends upon great money reviewing as far as incomes got and how the administration uses such funds in purchases and in different operations. Expense planning uncovers to the association the different blends of inputs that would be utilized for the same purposes however would be generally less expensive. The expense of creation ought to be moderately lower to give the association the chance to make exceptional yields on venture.

Project Plan

The administration must be occupied with different arrangement executions that would empower the association accomplish its fundamental objectives. Great look at accomplishments, their execution span and suitable planning of such exercises is very prescribed if the association is going to begin its operations at the right time (Lucas, 2005, p. 212). Prior to anything else, the company needs to solidify its funds, buy the essential supplies, utilize profoundly gifted specialists for the installation activities and make a timetable for the undertaking execution. This requires the need to have a task director inside the company. The last stage would include planning of the terms needed to finish every action in a manner that would focus the culmination time of the venture. On the same note, the administration needs to know the whole expense of the project to its finishing point.

Taking everything into account, any company that is set up to actualize the utilization of technology in production, distribution of commodities and in communication techniques presents an opportunity of making a setting that is exceedingly competitive to its rivals.


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